Energy Worker

I tell you troubled soul,

In the despair of endless rain,

Hoping beyond hope for an end to your pain,

There are warriors who believe that we are all one,

They see all as light from a common sun,

They see all as one sound, one euphonious shout,

These warriors know what love’s all about,

I tell you troubled soul,

In the despair of endless rain,

Hoping beyond hope for an end to your pain,

There are warriors of light, that wield the spectrum of your hope,

With their hands and their minds aligned to hearts of love,

They bring one common sound into your being from above,

And they trigger in you, what has been there all along,

Your ability to love yourself, and join in one rhythmic song,

A song of hope,

A song of love,

A song of truth,

A song of freedom to your heart, to lead you into endless light,

A song of beating in your pulse to see with brilliant psychic sight,

I tell you troubled soul,

Fighting for your peace,

There are warriors of light,

Whose love for you will not cease,

Seek them out, for they are growing,

And getting more numerous every day,

Seek them out,

They are one of many futures for which the saints of old did pray,

And they will love you,

Without condition,

And without any hidden price,

They will love you,

As you learn to love yourself with brilliant psychic sight,

They are energy workers,

They are warriors from above,

They are messengers of love,

And they believe in you with beating hearts and open hands of truth,

And they believe in you with hearts aflame to tame the sound of pain,

And replace it with the sound of joy that comes when you can see,

And say, “Yes I too am wonderful, yes I too can be,

A spectrum of one common light,

One source of love for all,

One sound, one love, one light, one heart beat standing tall!!”


I Am A Lion

By: Woodrow Lucas

I am a Lion, like my savior before me,

And I fight for the ways of love,

With power from above,

I rage for light,

I fight, one man against an army of darkness,

I feel alone so often,

But then my savior reminds me that I am never alone,

For every prayer I pray, I pray in unison with warriors around the world,

I am a Lion, like my Savior before me,

And I fight for the ways of love,

With men, and women, and children with hearts focused above,

And sometimes it seems like all is lost,

And the price that we pay isn’t worth the cost,

And then the Lion of Judah says with a shout,

“I died so that all would know love,

And I never lose,

Keep fighting, for your victory is inevitable,

I secured it long ago,

That love shall reign and mercy shall know every soul of man,

Keep fighting, I shall heal your land.”

And then I cry tears of sorrow, and then I cry tears of pain,

But then Joy comes upon me like a torrent of rain,

I am a Lion, like my savior before me,

And he assures me that the future is bright,

So I say to all warriors, don’t give up the fight,

For the price that you pay,

It is worth it!!!

The Heart of God

By: Woodrow Lucas

Sometimes it seems like God doesn’t care,

We pray and pray and nothing happens,

The pain and sorrow get worse and worse and we wonder?

Does God have any concern at all for me?

But see, God’s timing is a wondrous and complex thing,

And if we could see her heart,

We would see the Holy Spirit moving heaven and earth to prepare a joyful rest that we can’t forget,

A joyful rest that sits in our consciousness and reverberates joy through our being in an endless, eternal reckoning,

You see it is the will of the Holy Spirit as she works through Hindus, Jews, Muslims, New Agers, Christians, atheists, and agnostics to not lose one soul to despair.

An in the short run this sometimes seems like a quixotic daydream with no merit,

But in the long run the Holy Ghost always gets her way.  The Queen of Heaven will not be denied,

Your soul will know peace whether it be in this lifetime or the next,

It will happen,

For Jesus’ love is truly invincible,

And even Satan will one day succumb to it,

God’s heart is to reach you and convince you of how much he loves by all means necessary.

And trust me, what God wants, God eventually gets, and that’s a fact.

We Are Loved

By: Woodrow Lucas

Sometimes life isn’t what we expect,

And we ponder on the meaning of our birth,

But then God shows us the faces of those who have prayed for us throughout the years,

And God blesses us to hear their prayers,

And we realize that we are loved beyond measure.

And sometimes miracles like this don’t happen,

And we have to believe that we are loved without physical proof,

We must simply trust that we are loved by God and many others,

And in that reckoning,

We are empowered to love others, not out of obligation but rather gratitude.

We Are One

By: Woodrow Lucas

My sister,  my mother, my brother,

I have seen the face of darkness,

My sister, my mother, my brother,

I have felt the sting of dark isolation in my flesh, and I have felt the pain of rejection in my consciousness,

And as Jesus revives me from that nightmare,

I can tell you one thing for sure,

We are one,

We are one species,

We are one ecosystem,

We are one planet,

We are one solar system,

We are one galaxy,

We are one cosmos,

We are one spirit,

We are one soul,

And we are one being!!!

But we are not one in sameness,

No we are all unique snowflake frequencies in God’s rainbow,

We are all integral notes in God’s symphony of unconditional love,

Jesus showed that he is one with the  misery of our deluded duality by dying on the cross,

And in rising from violence he revealed our common destiny of endless communion as one common heartbeat,

We are not separate and never have been,

The illusion of dark enmity is giving way to the light of eternal unity,

For the age of Aquarius is upon us,

And bliss awaits us all!!


I Am A Cafeteria Christian

By: Woodrow Lucas

I am a Cafeteria Christian,

I am a Cafeteria Christian through and through,

Are you?

I am a Cafeteria Christian because while I believe it is God breathed,

All of Christian Scripture doesn’t speak to me,

Not all of it illuminates me to see my Savior as he really is,

I quote Christian Scripture more than most,

And yet it is love that guides me more than any word, written on a page,

Christians who believe that the Bible is the Word of God usually inspire me quite a bit,

For the quality of their devotion and the fervor of their worship is astounding,

But I believe that God gave me an imagination for a reason,

And I see God more fully through imagining a mother of pure love,

Than the litigious vision of my brothers and sisters being thrown into a lake of fire to writhe for all eternity.

In my mind’s eye my heart shows me every human soul embracing Jesus in the hereafter with tears of gratitude in their eyes,

In my mind’s eye my heart shows me even Satan himself prostrate before our Savior with tears of contrition in his eyes, begging Jesus for a second chance,

And then I see Jesus embracing him and saying “I forgive you brother. Now sing me a song like in the old days.”

Christian Scripture must be beautiful for just consider the way that those who believe it worship God in transcendent ecstasy with tears in their eyes,

And Christian Scripture must be sacred for how could so many verses in it guide my life and give me hope if they weren’t sacred from the heart of the Mother herself.

But in the end, the dreams that get me through nightmarish moments have more to do with the Holy Spirit guiding and illuminating me directly and less with anything written.

I am a cafeteria Christian because some of the dreams that God has given me cannot be found in the bible and yet they are too beautiful to ignore.

Love is my obsession.  And even as I am healed of obsession,  Love is my master, and even as I am healed of slavery, love is my best friend.

And Christian Scripture speaks of love, yes it does, it does so beautifully..

But love has more to say than can be found in the 66 books of the Bible.

And I for one want to hear every last word!!


By: Woodrow Lucas

Tonight, I do not feel so saved,

I do not feel so good or right,

Tonight, I feel so close to death,

That pains in my heart do not bring me fright,

Tonight, I feel like a lost soul,

I can’t remember a single thing,

That might make some view me wise,

Or might make nightingale’s sing,

Tonight I am lost,

Tonight I am jealous and angry and tired too,

Tonight, I do not wish well for many or few,

Tonight, I don’t care if the homeless freeze,

Or if battered wives perish at the hands of their monsters,

Tonight, I read scripture and Jesus seems like an angry, tormented, fool.

Tonight, I read Hindu texts and they seem like self-righteous stereo instructions written only for those who meditate ad-nauseum.

Tonight I cannot conceive in my heart,

Of a God who has loved me from the start,

And yet, tonight, I know if death claims me while I sleep,

That I go home to a hero’s welcome at my Savior’s seat,

For I know that my fickle consciousness,

And my even more my fickle mood,

Are not what determine my ultimate fate,

I know that my goodness is not the measure that God’s uses to assess her love for me even in my abuses,

I know with a knowing that goes beyond my soul,

That God loves us all like little infant babes,

Who sometimes throw temper tantrums and sometimes disobey,

That it is truly not that I love God, but that God loves me.

And so you see,

That is what makes me a universalist,

Because I know that all of us are just infants trying the best that we can,

And that woman or man, child, or elder,

God has a plan for each and every one of us,

God loves EACH OF US!!!

God loves us not because we think the right things,

Or breathe the right way,

Or visualize the right images,

Or pray the right prayers,

God loves us because we are her children!!

God will redeem all, not because all seem so redeemable,

But because  God loves each and every one of us, with the same fervor that he loves Jesus,

And yes just like Jesus, some of us for whatever reason may go to a cross,

Heck some of us might go to three or four crosses,

But in the end, God will succor our wounds and comfort our memories and set us into endless bliss.

I am a Universalist to the core of my being,

For even when I see no love,

I feel no love,

I have no love,

I know with a knowing that is deeper than my soul, that LOVE IS REAL!!

And that GOD IS LOVE!!


God will save Satan.

God will save every demon, every devil, every jinn, and every false prophet that has ever existed.

Because this is God’s nature!!

God wills to redeem.

And though in the short run God’s will is not always done,

In the long run, God’s will is always done.

God is redemption!!

God is salvation.

And Jesus loves me, even if right now I feel like he is a narcissistic egomaniac.

It doesn’t matter,

Jesus’ thoughts are above my thoughts and his ways are above my ways,

And even though right now, I feel pretty dark,

He will find a way to lead me to the light again,

Because it is not that I love Jesus, but that Jesus loves me.

I have failed Jesus so many times.

And in my mind, Jesus has failed me just as many,

But that cannot change the love between us.

For that love is based on a Savior who loves me like he loves his very self.

And he is the Quizat Satterach.

He is the super being.

Tonight, I realize in this darkness of my consciousness.

That God has made me into a Universalist through and through.

For even now, I know that there is not one creature anywhere who will not be redeemed by her irresistible grace.

Right now, I love no one!!

Right now, I feel empty!!

Right now, I feel no zeal to help a living soul,

But right now, God loves me.

Right now, God has saved me,

Right now, God has a plan for me,

Right now, God will not let me forget her incredible plan of redemption for everything!!

And even though I am not grateful!!

She still delights in me!!

Because as beautiful as we are, and we are beautiful creatures,

Universalism, Grace, Mercy, they are not about us, they are about a being so beyond us and yet also so stitched to our very essence, that she will love us until the end of time and after that!!!

And that is Gospel truth!!


By: Woodrow Lucas

Close your eyes.

Now imagine a being of pure love who can do anything but chooses not to sometimes because she would rather create other beings who she can teach to do anything because of her non action.

Now imagine a being of pure love who allows you to suffer but then suffers with you so he can teach you compassion.

Now imagine a being of pure love who desires pure beauty for every day of your life, but allows otherwise sometimes because she knows that the absence of beauty will make you appreciate beauty more.

Now imagine a being of pure light who loves you more than you can comprehend.

Now open your eyes and realize that this being is the God who created you in her mind’s eye before the beginning of all things.

Now close your eyes and imagine the most beautiful baby that you have ever seen.  Imagine this baby cooing and laughing and holding its hands out for you to grab it.

Now open your eyes and realize that this is how the God who created you sees you and all of your human brothers and sisters.

Now close your eyes and imagine a future that is replete with miracles, happy surprises, too good to be true moments, and dream come true experiences.

Now open your eyes and realize that what God has for you is better than that.

Life or the Letter

By: Woodrow Lucas

Matthew 7:13

Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it.

Matthew 7:14

But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it. NIV


In Matthew 7:13 and 7:14 we see Jesus describing the prospects of humanity for finding life in this life or the after life.  He said that wide is the gate that leads to destruction and many go that way, and narrow is the way to life, and only a few souls find it.  It is important to note that in this pericope of scripture, Jesus is describing the fate of the unbeliever or unrepentant as destruction which is a much less horrific fate than the eternal hell that many believe await the unrepentant.  But this pericope of scripture is pretty clear, that the not that many people find eternal life and that eternal life is not something that is available to humanity writ large.  Now there are ways to Universalize this scripture, maybe by saying that Jesus is saying these things before he dies for all of our sins, and so post atonement everyone gets in.   Or perhaps you could do something creative with the Greek to redefine what Jesus means by only a “few” finding eternal life.  But for the most part this scripture suggests to me that there were at least times in Jesus’ life when he was not a Universalist and this scripture proves to me that there are verses in the Bible that support Universalism and verses that just out and out refute it.


In my opinion, while Universalism is the riddle of the Bible solved, if you read between the lines, the letter of scripture neither absolutely proves or disproves Universalism.  It is for this reason that I don’t base my Universalism on biblical writ, but rather the character of God.  I believe in a God of unconditional love and I believe that that God of unconditional love is going to save all because that God loves all and created all.  Whether the Bible substantiates that or not is immaterial to me.  The Bible suggests Universalism, but it doesn’t prove it.  Just like the Bible suggests Eternal Hell, but doesn’t prove that either.  The problem with the Bible is that suggests a lot of things, but if we are honest leaves us fractured and confused in the end about a lot of them.  That is why it takes faith, which the Bible describes as the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things unseen, to believe anything to the point that it becomes knowledge.  Paul said that the “letter of scripture killeth” and it is rather the spirit that brings life.


I believe about the Bible what the Bible says about itself that is God breathed, and that it is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, and for instruction in righteousness.  But I also believe that it was my obsessive allegiance to the Bible that helped to drive me insane when I was a young man.


In truth, the Bible helped to bring me to Universalism.   As I started to believe in Universalism, scriptures in the Bible just started to light up and it seemed like they were all pointing me to believe that God would save all.  But I do not still have that experience.  Now, almost every time I read the Bible I see something that seems to support eternal hell as much as it could possible support Universalism.  This is why I believe in Universalism based on my beliefs about God and Jesus, not the Bible.  Whether Jesus was a Universalist when he walked the earth or not, I believe that my risen Savior loves everyone so much that he is not going to stop until everyone makes it.  And whether Jesus was a Universalist when he walked the earth or not, I believe that it has always been the plan of God to reconcile all things, even Satan to light.  I mean it is just the nature of love.  Love may do many things but the balance of love redeems, restores, creates, and nurtures.  And so I believe that my God of love and his Son and the Holy Spirit have saved all and will save all, not because scripture says it, because scripture can be used to say anything if a person is creative enough, but because I believe that they love all of creation just so much that they are going to redeem it and all in it completely.  It is the character of God that moves me to Universalism. Yes I quote scripture all the time.  And I love scripture.  But I do not need scripture to support my faith in Universalism when it does not support it.  All I need is the revelation of the Holy Spirit and her constant reminders to me that I see, that I’m right, and God really is as good as I imagine him to be.


A Fable

BY: Woodrow Lucas

There once were ships in the sea, they were sailing.  They came to a shore, and on the shore there were people of red.  The ships ran onto the shore.  They took the people of red and said, “We clear a path so move we’ll build a house of sheets and you can sit with us.”  The people of red moved back and much to there chagrin they fell into a trap; it had been set before from those in ships.  The one’s from the ships they laughed, “Ha Ha, this is our manifest these sheets.  So sit in this our trap, Ha Ha.”  So with the people of red so nicely packed, the people from ships began to build this house of sheets.  They began to build but as their backs got sore alas they needed help.  So they sailed back, back toward the land of black.  They docked the shores and said, “Great sorts, we have these sheets, so give us yours to help us build a house a far.  These sheets will give you more amongst the ones you’re with; you’ll rule with them.”  The sorts said. “Yes, well said, this too seems good for us as well.  So take these types they’re only good for less, much less than such theses sheets that could for us, could make us rule.  We know these sheets had them before in lands of times long gone and past.  We’ve made this deal before for sheets.  So take these types and bind them yes as we have done before as well.  So take these types and build your house as we have done to make this land.”  But in the end these types would know that no they were not soon to rule, instead they soon would join the types they sent to work for houses greater size.  But that is for another time.  Now the ones from the ships they took these types and tied them up with chains.  They sailed so back to land of red and docked again.  And with the types in chains to make their base, they built their house.  They built on backs of such these types, the houses big one after one.  The houses got so big that others came, became a dream these sheets.  So others came on other ships to join and build these houses big.  Now some joined in and built, while others once again as types in chains were made to do the most of work.  The types of chains were made to do the most of work.  The types of chains and others brought who came, them all they did the work while others made the houses big.  They sat inside the houses big and made on tops of those.  And after a time, houses merged to form a mountain lie of sheets.

Now those beneath this sort, the types who were in chains and others too so made to work.  They all were at the bottom.  Soon, the one’s a top they said, “This mountain’s big enough so now it’s safe to free these types in chains. Now some true wanted for the right to free the one’s from traps and from the chains, but they were small and so their voice was softer heard.  The louder sounds said,”

We shall let the one’s of red come free from traps and join in too, and others that we used to make this mountain we shall let them climb, but always we’ll throw rocks below so we might grow beyond their reach.  So lies and laws they threw them down so others down below might never reach the top.  So that they always on the backs of them below could grow to reach new heights”.

Now time went by and mountain grew, this mountain lie of sheets.  So that the other lands they all joined in.  And so in other lands all sorts were made to be the base for such this mountain’s lie of sheets.  So that the other lands they all joined in.  And so in other lands all sorts were made to be the base for such this mountains lie.  And even those atop began to sweat red beads of anguished life.  And time went by, this mountain lie of sheets had been before and always was to tell the truth.  So all these types were so familiar with this plan, they climbed and through the rocks.  And even a few of those the types in chains before and in the traps, they reached the top.  And all upon the mountain’s side began to throw the rocks with glee, and all their eyes they burned with thoughts perhaps to reach its wondrous top above.  The types began to see not types but only mountain’s top.  They all began to throw at any type.  They threw the rocks above, below.  They threw the rocks at any sort who stood to slow the climb above.  Now few amongst them , those they said, “This isn’t fair!” and some believed it true, it truly was not right.  But some just wanted that the top, and thought that maybe this a guise was best the way to close its reach.  Now those a top became afraid.  The pride of life beat down on them.  They said, “Oh please calm down, please join amongst our game, we love you all,”  but to each other snickered quick.  They started throwing smaller rocks, such rocks that weren’t so big.  So that they could deceive and make the one’s upon the sides believe the mountain’s lie was truth.  “Just work, we swear you’ll make it up,” but to themselves, they fortified the sides of top’s plateau to keep the one’s along the sides from ever reaching mountain’s top.  And so they changed the truth of past to help them fortify this mountain’s lie.  And those along the sides believed, they did not mind as long as they could throw the rocks at other sorts, climb higher, higher than the rest.  And it became a war was formed of all against each other always, just to climb the mountain lie and die, to climb the mountain’s lie and die.

Now this went on for quite some time until a sound began to form.  And it was quiet yes at first but louder, louder it became and as the words came into reach the prophets came to speak this tone.

Our friends, we’re here to speak of God, his word made flesh personified.  We know passe, cliché, blasé it seems that we should talk of trees of quantum forms in politic, of social structure in collapse or prole-pression images.  It is so droll for some to speak of God.  How quaint it sickens such sophisticates of Freud the ID, we should discourse.  This lost and dying them of love, It’s dead and why do we pursue persist to beat its dead resolve?  Too simple, no inquisitive to live and speak of such this God, just opium to spread and dread the death of all that’s reason.

But dear sweet fellows, females, friends, just hear us out!  We speak of light made life and life mad light again.  We speak of beats in waves, of white or black, of Bach, of  Mozart, Hip Hop, Jazzed falls, of brothers, oceans, mountains,  books, celestine, karma chakras, unbound lands and times we year to see!  We shall not apologize.  No we shall not deny such gifts, cliché, passe, or out of time.  We do embrace such cryptic themes, anachronisms fine we say that we don’t care with all there is that we could share to calm your state, we dare and stare into your eyes, despising maybe such a fact that seems so simple without thought.  We blindly say and do implore, there’s more beyond this dismal art.  We speak of muses, music’s muses, rhythms friends we speak of beats.  Of loves and blacks and whites, the shades within.  We speak of temples castes come crashing down beneath such love.  We speak of doves and tearful thoughts, forgotten, lost, but still not dead.  We speak of beats and kumbaya.  We speak of privileged black bourgeois, of kings and serfs, the Irish too.

We speak of China’s heaven chimes, of Yin and Yang and Tang!  Of doubts and friends in fear of conquered fools within retreat, of flows and rhythms winning out.  We speak of ponds beneath the wind that send to rivers, streaming teem into the furrow of that root it takes the rose to heights above.  Our friends we do.  And we dare not apologize.  The raptures far beneath such eyes, the guise it told us to submit such eyes to blindness, friends, to blind oh no! And in that strength’s resolve, evolve the beast, evolve we say to beats within.  Evolve to God he rescues men, an infinite when showed unchecked.  And yes, we dare not chance apologize for this cliché and blasé them to lies, my friends to lies oh no.  We speak of rhythms deep inside, evolve such beats into such things await to come into evolve such beats inside against such lies.  So yes, we speak of God, do you dare challenge such cliché?  Today or any blasted time, our rhyme, our muse, we speak of beats and dare not challenge that our friends.  We speak of every blasted corny thing, we taught and learned was wrong.  Such songs cannot be stopped.  We dare not hide behind a guise, we speak of rhythms friends, of God above, within, about and that’s no lie! So scoff and chide till you and yours content.  We speak of rhythms friends, and loves, we speak of rhythms in above, we speak to Christians, Muslims, Jews, the Tao, and simply sounds inside.  Believe in Jesus Christ and rise!  We speak of love, our God cliché that truth cannot deny or die.  We speak of rhythms friends, please hear us, corny it may seem but that’s our dream and we implore, there’s more than just this you and me, there’s more to see and be that’s we.  We love and if such song is wrong, then let that be!  It’s all we see.  We speak of God, of you and we.  And if you don’t then that’s Ok.  He brings us truth, he helps us see, he set’s us free.  So you and we let’s take that song.

We speak of rhythms friends, beg in that sound that it resound true you and we, this flesh there’s more in store for us. We speak of rhythms friend of rhymes without a time’s constraint.  Of Muse’s, music songs at last inside and all around such sounds of streams and river’s flows.  We speak and spoke.  We will not stop this tone, cliché or out of touch till all that’s you and me, is one.  There’s more to us my friends, my heart, my soul, my common beat, you’ll see.  There’s more.  And when the voices came to rest, the sorts a top, along the sides they grabbed the stones and threw them down.  They grabbed each others hands, knelt down in silent sounds of peace and prayed.  Then God transposed to spirit’s side and from the top they stomped upon the head of evil’s wicked pride.  And stomp they did upon its side.  And stop they did at mountain’s peaks.  God’s ancient spirit deep inside began to move their feet in rhythmic form.  And stomp they did up its side.  And stomp they did at mountain’s peaks.  God’s ancient spirit deep inside began to move their feet in rhythmic form.  And stomp they did upon it’s side, and stomp they did at mountain’s peaks.  God’s ancient spirit deep inside began to move their feet in rhythmic form.

And slowly peaks came crashing down.  Till all was dust, but from such dust, red dust arose a form so brilliant blinded all their eyes.  And tears welled up above the clouds, came washing down and cured such soars as rocks before had thrown.  And in that peace benign all sorts began to sing.  The waves of Jesus flowed through all to bring the truth’s sheet shining glow.  The waves of Jesus flowed through all to bring the truth’s sheet shining glow.  And so it ended mountain’s lie to new dimensions not yet seen.  And so it ended mountain’s lie to new beginnings in that dream.