By: Woodrow Lucas

When I was a boy I wanted to be Martin Luther King,

For his life sings of the strength of unconditional love,

Which can only come from above,

But when I became a man, I gave myself to God,

And Jesus became my hero, for he died and rose to save my soul,

And I fasted for 40 days twice on orange juice and asked God to use me to storm the gates of hell,

But I didn’t realize that hell is less a place and more a condition,

And so when God answered my prayer,

Hell rose up in my flesh,

And at first I thought it was just a test,

But then I became quite the mess,

And the stress had me wish for death,

But I had to find a way to beat the hell within,

So that I could free others, good women and men,

Who this world has forsaken, but who God still loves dearly,

And so I rose up, day after day, with this hell in my body and I fought,

I kept Jobs, I went to Graduate School, I even almost got a PHD,

They had diagnosed me with schizoaffective disorder and that was partially true,

But the demons poking my stomach in the wee hours of the night,

Convinced me that my condition was more complicated than mere sight,

That my plight and my purpose was to wrestle the hell within until I found a way to free others,

And in my fight, God gave me a wonderful wife and two wonderful children to comfort me from the torment I felt within,

But hell is a vicious thing,

And it brought chaos, even when I tried as hard as I could, it still brought chaos,

And my wife with eyes of pure love said, “Husband we can go no further on this journey together, but I will always love you.”

And I have never forgiven her, for there is nothing to forgive,

She gave me her best,

She did the best that she could,

And when she could do no more she said, “That’s enough.”

And so to this day, I love her as the angel God sent me to succor my wounds as the hell in my body tormented me,

And I went into seclusion, and yes I wished for death,

But I had children and I knew that they needed me and so I told death, “We will meet dear friend, but not now.  Now I must do battle until the fight is won.”

And so I fought day after day and I would go to work and here voices and have temptations to take off all of my clothes and tell my boss that she was a tyrant.  But I fought and I never gave in.

I would go to my daughter’s soccer games and feel as though 5 different personalities dwelt in my body, all pulling me in different directions, but I fought and I would not relent.

For I can accept that hell entered into my flesh so that I could learn to heal the forsaken,

But I cannot accept that any devil, demon, hell, or illness can keep me from the abundant life that God has promised me.

And so I fight.  Day after day, I fight and I tell you I can feel my journey coming to an end.

I can see hell becoming heaven and me coming home to a hero’s welcome, while I still live on this planet,

And in this journey I have concluded 4 things:

Jesus is Lord,

God will save everyone,

God suffers with us in our suffering,

And all suffering no matter how dark is temporary.

And now I stand poised to feel heaven throughout my being and with that heaven I will free so many tormented hearts that the world has forsaken,

But I will be careful to remember for whom I fight,

I fight for a man who also knew torment,

I fight for a man who was the God of the earth and all things, for no woman or man has ever seen the beginning, all any of us have seen is the mediator between the great beyond and this world, this multiverse of duality,

The man for whom I fight loves all and has the power to save all,

He can guarantee to all of human kind from the best of us to the worst of us that we all have a guaranteed place of peace and happiness in the hereafter,

He is the mystery behind atomic energy,

He is the mystery behind quantum mechanics,

He is the mystery behind E=MC^2

He is Vishnu, he is Allah the beneficent, he is Kali, he is Jehovah,

He is El Shaddai, He is the Nirvana that Buddhists seek,

He is Christ consciousness, and he is also Jesus of Nazareth who overcame hell, death, evil, and fear all at once to proclaim a new destiny for the creation.

One not of eventual destruction like some scientists claim but one of divination, redemption, recreation, and freedom,

And with my Lord as my guide, I will preach and live as a householder like Lahiri Mahasaya before me, and I will free many.

But most importantly, I will live every day with the Joyous knowledge that when hell came to knock at my door I held to love like a man on fire AND I GOT THE VICTORY!!!

Your Savior is a Dreamer

By: Woodrow Lucas

When I was 19 I saw a dream of Jesus healing two women with Leprosy and since then I’ve seen impossible things made possible,

I’ve seen blind men climbing mount Everest,

I’ve seen men who had been paralyzed running around college campuses,

In 2001 they diagnosed me with schizoaffective disorder and said I’d never go to graduate school,

In 2007 I graduated from graduate school with honors and two Master’s degrees in theology and business,

I knew a man who tried to find a cure for illness and discovered a fungus called Penicillin,

When I was 19 I saw a dream of Jesus healing two women with Leprosy, and since then I’ve seen impossible things made possible,

Einstein was a patent clerk who was bad at math and he revolutionized the way we see reality,

If you have a dream pursue it to its bitter end and when it ends, keep pursuing it,

I knew a man named Martin who had a dream of a better nation and he died pursuing that dream, and forty years later America elected its first black President,

When you have a dream, don’t quit, don’t stop, keep pressing in until that dream is concrete reality,

For with God all things are possible and whether you succeed or not it’s worth the journey,

For I know a man who created us all, who had a dream that all creation would know redemption,

And he lived a life of torment to ensure that his dream would be made real, and now because of this dream your soul is heaven bound forever more,

If you have a dream, believe and don’t stop believing until either that dream is real or death calls you home,

Don’t stop, don’t quit, let no one deter you, for I tell you God is with you and with her, all things are possible,

For heaven on earth is dreams made real,

When God gives you a dream let no one deter your zeal but fight every thought that tells you it can’t be done,

For your savior is a dreamer and he’s got you forever!!

The Voice

There is a voice inside of us,

That’s hard to hear because of fear,

But if you trust and hold on tight,

This voice is louder than the fright,

This voice is love and wisdom too,

This voice is God,

This voice is you.

And if you follow knowing too,

Then there’s no telling what you’ll do,

So when you doubt and fear abounds,

Turn to yourself and hear God’s sounds,

Showing you a better way,

So that in peace you’ll always stay.

Jesus is Love

By: Woodrow Lucas

If you’re looking for the real Jesus don’t just look in the Gospels.  Jesus was beautiful in the Gospels,  but he was not yet perfected in the Gospels.  If you’re looking for the real Jesus, open your heart to love, and then imagine the most loving person you can imagine and then look up to the sky and say, “Jesus please show me the real you.”  For Jesus is pure love in human form.  1 Corinthians 13 closely approximates the real Jesus, but this Pericope below which is a combination of 1 Corinthians 13 and original thought also approximates him to some degree.


Jesus is love.  Jesus loves you more than you love your self.  Jesus receives your worship and praise, not because he needs it, but because he knows that it is what you are created to do.  Jesus judges nothing about you, but he loves you exactly as you are.  Jesus will correct you, but it is always for your good.  Jesus knows all things.  Jesus believes all things.  Jesus believes in you more than you believe in yourself.  Jesus always serves.  Jesus always protects.  Jesus enjoys religions and viewpoints that do not believe in him as Lord and Savior, as he loves diversity and is not intimidated by those who do not see him in his fullness.  Jesus loves all creation.  Jesus redeems all things.  Jesus comforts all people.  Jesus rejoices not in suffering, but Jesus rejoices in your joy.  Jesus always reminds you of the best about yourself.  Jesus always understands . Jesus never fails.  Jesus will ensure that you make it to eternal wholeness and happiness.  Jesus died and rose to guarantee you an eventual place of rest with God.  Jesus is Love.


BY: Woodrow Odom Lucas

It’s seven o’clock,

The sun has gone down,

Fall has begun to unleash its breathtaking barrage of color and sound,

Crickets, leaves, yellow, tan, red, purple, green,

Children harkening to the music of the ice cream man!!

“Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, Ice Cream”,

Couples walking in the twilight, holding hands with smiles on their faces,

Young boys playing flag football, older boys running for touchdowns,

Babies suckling to their mother’s breast,

Hardened criminals repenting of ills and getting out on parole,

It’s seven o’clock,

The sun has gone down,

Fall has begun to unleash its breathtaking barrage of color and sound,

Young well to do’s bumpin’ Young MC in their beetle convertibles,

Ethiopian immigrants harnessing the last weeks of warmth to take a dip in the public pool,

Hispanic couples dancing salsa until the midnight hour,

And somewhere deep in the rural south,

An African American farmer looks out over his crops with pride and expectancy and says,”Yessireee I do believe we’ve got us a Harvest this year.  I do believe we’ve got some Harvest, yes we do!!!”


By: Woodrow Odom Lucas

Storms exhilarate us,

Storms terrify us,

Storms can change a life in so many ways,

Storms can destroy years of work,

Storms can bring much needed rain,

Storms enthrall us as we revel in the sounds and sights of motion,

Storms set us aflame with deliverance,

Storms recalibrate our sensibilities,

There is a storm coming,

A storm of charity and peace,

A storm of justice and mercy,

A storm of truth and enlightenment,

A storm of awakening and recompense,

A storm of forgiveness and amends made,

A storm of technological innovation,

A storm of science and faith coming together as the partners they were intended to be,

A storm of awareness of all the dimensions that surround us,

A storm of explosive creativity and ingenuity,

A storm that evolves the face of humankind,

And reveals its Savior like never before.


Note to All Eagles

By: Woodrow Odom Lucas

All Eagles!!

There is a time in everyone’s life when Mother Eagle throws you out of the nest and either you fly or die,

All Eagles!!

There are times in your life when those closest to you make you feel like the worst person ever born.

All Eagles!

When you feel yourself plummeting to the ground at ever increasing speed and the only future you feel is your body splattered on the ground.

All Eagles!

When you lose all of your faculties and feel like there are little creatures crawling around in your body,

All Eagles!

When you are diagnosed with terminal and inoperable Cancer.

All Eagles!

When your spouse divorces you for your closest friend, and you have to see the two of them once a week as custody alternates,

All Eagles!

When the investors of your startup all decide to pull out, and the electric company threatens to turn your lights off if you don’t pay the utility bill,

All Eagles!

When you are plummeting to the ground, assured that your demise is upon you.

Feel it!

Experience it!

Be discouraged!

Be afraid!

This is natural!

But as you descend, and after you have mourned and grieved appropriately,

Reach within yourself and find this message:

“Little Eagle, I know that I seem like a cruel God to let you experience this.

But I have a plan.

This is not the end for you.

You were destined to fly.

But you are an Eagle, and before you fly you must fall,

You must fall with terrifying speed,

And you must feel like all is lost,

And when you let go of everything you thought you wanted out of life,

And you say to me, “God what’s next?”

That’s when you will feel the strength to spread your wings and soar!!

Little Eagle, I know it seems like there isn’t much more that you can try,

But don’t give up,

Because death is not your destiny,

You are created to fly!

Now do so!!”


6 steps forward, 3 steps back.

4 steps forward, 1 step back.

3 steps forward, 2 steps back.

We climb the spiral staircase.

Paddling sometimes against the waves, trying to keep us trapped on an island of discouragement and despair.

Certain, that our future is bright.

Certain, that symptoms will fade.

Certain, that peace is a foregone conclusion.

Certain, that no amount of darkness can stand against the inevitable.

6 steps forward, 3 steps back.

4 steps forward, 1 step back.

3 steps forward, 2 steps back.

We climb the spiral staircase.

Hoping, Knowing, Feeling, Striving, Accepting, Solving, Receiving, Asking, and Becoming toward a better tomorrow.

Noonday Sun

By: Woodrow Lucas

In the wee hours of the morning,

There is sometimes a painful expectation,

Like a mother giving birth,

We hope so badly for the sun,

But we realize that clouds might come,

And so we wait,

And in that expectation we create the hope that will cure cancer,

And in that expectation we free many a soul from torment,

In the wee hours of the morning,

There is sometimes a painful expectation,

Like a mother giving birth,

We hope so badly for the sun,

But we realize that clouds might come,

And so we wait,

And in that expectation, we learn to rest in uncertainty,

Secure in the knowledge that in the end, all will be well.

And when the noon hour comes,

And the sun is at its brightest,

And we realize that all of our dreams have come true,

And God is just as good as we thought.

We look back on our former doubt,

And we feel no shame,

Only a compassionate desire that all might feel this brilliance,

And a patient and secure resolve that one day all will.


Mother Sky

By: Woodrow Odom Lucas

There was once was a time of great light,

But the Lord loved darkness too,

For in the shadow of darkness there was mystery,

And in this mystery he placed the treasures of the cosmos.

There was once was a time of great light,

But too there was darkness,

And in the shadow of the dark,

There was mystery,

Beautiful mystery that comforts the man who has lost all hope and fears tomorrow,

For in that mystery, he knows that something else awaits him.

There was once a time of great light,

But the Queen of all things decided to make a dark place,

And in this place, she made mystery,

Wondrous mystery that reminds the woman living on the streets, desperate for a home, that something else awaits her.

And so there was once a place of darkness,

Beautiful darkness, shrouded in the glory of mystery,

And the Lord decided to make a sky to begin to unfold her treasure,

And she called the sky, “Mother Sky”

And then she gave Mother Sky a child to watch over,

And Mother Sky called her child, “Earth.”

And time passed and Mother Sky and her child The Earth, danced in a reverie with all of the creatures of the cosmos.

And one day, The Earth, spoke to her mother, Mother Sky, and said, “Dear Mother, I love you and I have enjoyed our repast but now I ask that you give me children.  Now I ask that you give me children dear mother so that I can nurture them as you have nurtured me.  And so Mother Sky said to the Lord, the Lord who served the Lord, she said, “Lord Jesus, my child, The Earth wishes to have her own children, is it possible?”

And Jesus said, “Of course my daughter!! For with me, all things are possible!! Your daughter can have her children, I will call them HUMANS.  And they will be like me, but first they must master the mystery of my darkness, and then all will be one.”

There was once a sky, her name was Mother Sky and she had a daughter, Mother Earth and Mother Earth had many children called HUMANS and they were glorious creatures all of them, every one.

These humans loved everything about them.  They felt the rhythm of God in all they did and they began to create like the God that made them.  But always, they seemed tormented by the combination of darkness and light.  And they could not comprehend why their mother, Mother Earth would bring them storms and pain and earthquakes, or why Mother Sky would sometimes refuse to rain, or why the God who made them all allowed them to suffer cruelty either from each other or from the misery of their own fragile forms.

And so HUMANS became frustrated and a bit bitter and began to find reasons for their suffering.  They began to create constructs of Good and Evil.  They began to label the sick and infirmed as weak and the cruel and ruthless as strong.  They began to develop machines, good machines that reflected God, but machines which also caused them to forget about their mother, Mother Earth.  And they began to become more cruel toward each other and to harm their mother, the very mother who asked that they come into being.  And as their cruelty increased so too did the incredible mystery begin to flee from their darkness, such that their darkness stopped being a place of treasure and rather became void, abrasive, and painful.

And so Mother Earth cried out to Mother Sky, “Mother, what shall I do?  If I do not do something to help these children they will destroy each other and me in the process?”  and Mother Sky looked to the Lord, the Lord who serves the Lord, and said, “Jesus, you gave us all life.  Surely there is something that you can do?”  And Jesus said, “Dear Child, I love all beings.  And some time ago my Mother, the Mother of me as I am the Father of you sent me to The Earth to visit your grandchildren.  And I died on a cross to save them.  But they have misinterpreted the meaning of my sacrifice and have made it sacrifice.  They have been deceived into seeing my cross as a source of separation rather than realizing that it was my gift to them all so that they would receive treasure from the darkness rather than feeling the void that they feel now.

So now dear daughter Sky, I want you to rain down upon them.  But do not just rain water, but every time you rain, rain down the mystery of my unconditional love for them and for all creatures and of my father’s unconditional love for them and for all creatures and this will save them.   Daughter Sky, I do not want you to rain destruction upon these children, rather I want you to rain my Spirit of Life, my Holy Spirit down upon them so that they may know of their beauty, the wondrous beauty within them that will help them to comprehend the darkness and not run from it.  Daughter Sky I want you to rain, my child.  I WANT YOU TO RAIN!!! Rain down upon them daughter Sky!!! Rain down  the reality that they will not perish and that I have destined all of them to live with me and each other in harmony.  Rain down upon them daughter Sky.  Rain down upon them that it is not up to them but that I have already secured their fates, and that their fates are good.  Rain down upon them daughter Sky that it is not upon to them and that they cannot destroy themselves for they did not create themselves.  Rain down upon them daughter Sky.  Rain down than none of them will perish or writhe in torment.  Daughter Sky, scream out to them with thunder and whirlwind that my love for them is so great, that whether they choose me or not, I will always be there for them; I will always be there with them guiding and nurturing until they understand all things.  Rain this down upon your grandchildren Daughter Sky and this will free the Earth and her children.  Rain down this one truth Daughter Sky.  Let them know with Thunder and Whirlwind that I am real and that I will love them forever.  Have no fear daughter Sky, for all of this, all of this is part of the glorious mystery of my darkness and I know how this ends, and it ends happy my daughter.  It ends happy!!!”

And so Mother Sky began to rain as the Lord had told her to do.  And as Mother Sky rained down upon the soul of WOMAN.  And as Mother Sky rained down upon the soul of MAN.  A great trumpet was heard throughout the land.  And the very DNA of the human fabric began to sing a new song.  And there were miracles so many miracles heard like thunder throughout the creation.  And WOMAN and MAN embraced the darkness and in that darkness they saw the mystery of their own Divinity staring back at them.  And in that moment, the Holy Mother-Father in Heaven wept tears of joy, for the victory of their Son was secure and THE DESTINY OF THE COSMOS WAS FULFILLED!!!