Ride or Die

By: Woodrow Lucas

Jerome was in love.  She was all he thought about.  The way she always knew what to say and when to say it, it intoxicated him.  He wanted her day and night.  At work, he longed to be able to call her and tell her how much he loved her.  She was the best thing to happen to him since his ex-wife.  And his ex-wife was one of the best women that he had ever encountered.  Vivian filled Jerome with a love for every living creature.  He knew that she was a gift from God that he could not deny.

And so he sat with a resigned sadness, as he prepared to embark upon the assignment that God had given him.  “Vivian,” he wrote in his gmail messenger “I love you so much, but we have to part ways.  Vivian your heart is golden and all you do is think of ways to bless others.  And your faith is like nothing I have ever seen before.  But Vivian we have had so many conversations.  And still you are unflinching.  If we go any further, we run the risk of really hurting each other.  Vivian, God judges the hearts of people, more so than their beliefs, and I believe that we all have beautiful hearts so God judges us all as beautiful.  And Vivian, you have one of the most beautiful hearts that I have ever felt.

But girl?  You believe in eternal hell, and I know that seems like a small thing, but it isn’t a small thing to me.  Girl, there are so many hurting people in this world who need something to believe in.  And they refuse to check their brains at the door and embrace a schizophrenic truth and a schizophrenic God who says that he loves us on the one hand, but that he is going to put most of us in an eternal state of torment because we fall short of some abstract standard of perfection that we can barely understand.  Vivian, I know to you, that this is no big deal.  That you and I differing on this point of contention is a very minor issue.  But Vivian, I am a man on a mission.  People need to see the true God girl.  People need to know that they are safe with Jesus whether they believe or not.  People need to know that Jesus loves them and will protect them whether they believe or not.  They need to know that belief in Jesus is an adventure for the chosen, but that God has a place for atheists too.  Vivian, people have got to know how much God loves them.  And I am chosen to tell them.  So as much as I love you.  As much as you warm my heart. As much as you delight me in every way, I have got to let you go.  Because I need a woman who can help me build this thing.  I need a woman who is ride or die! I will always love you Vivian.  But somewhere there is a woman.  Somewhere there is a woman out there who empowers me to heal people of Cancer.  Somewhere there is a woman who is unafraid to be on the fringes.  Somewhere there is a woman who is ride or die!!  And trust me Vivian, when I find her the earth will quake.  You can trust in that, when I find her, the whirlwind will come!!!  Vivian, I will pray that you find a man who is worthy of you, which is a tall order, but God can do it.  You are so wonderful Vivian, but this thing must happen.  People must stop being asked to choose between head and heart, because God gave us them both and both of them are for our benefit.  Pray for me Vivian.  Pray for me and I will pray for you!! Love Always,  Jerome!!”

Jerome, breathed a big sigh.  He pressed send.  And he embraced his destiny…


The Music City Marathon

By: Woodrow Odom Lucas

The Woman crossed the finished line, barely able to breathe or stand.  Her body felt as though it may never function correctly again.  And yet in the midst of the exhaustion and pain, she was totally elated.  Her husband rushed to her.  “26 miles baby!! You did it 26 miles!!”  She thought back 2 years to when she weighed 378 Ibs.  She thought back to a year ago, when she was first beginning to train.  She was discouraged, in the grocery store about to binge on potato chips.  And just as she was entering into the snack aisle a strange man in shorts walked up to her and said, “Hello Mam, do you believe in God?”  She replied, “Yes,”  Then the man said to her, “Then don’t give up!!! You have come too far to give up!!! With God nothing shall be impossible.”  The woman began to cry.  But when she looked up to thank the man, he had walked away.  From that moment forward, the woman had many ups and downs in her quest to run the music city marathon.  But never again, did she doubt her ability to do it….