The Amazing God

I know a Muslim Fundamentalist who had decided to strap a bomb to his chest and destroy a Jewish schoolhouse in Israel.

And he told me that the night before the event, he had a dream and saw the prophet Muhammad in a vision.  And the prophet Muhammad came to him and said, “My Son, stop hating yourself.  We love you.  All of us love you.  Allah is beneficent and merciful and his mercy is for you.  Do not do this thing you are planning, but rather embrace yourself, shadow and all.”  The man woke up and started to cry and he cried for 4 days.  And when he stopped crying he thanked Allah for the beauty of the Jewish people and the wisdom of Ecclesiastes.

I know a Hindu woman who was very promiscuous as a teenager and she walked with a deep shame and bitterness, so much so that she could not bear to go to temple.  And one day, a Christian Evangelist found her and said, “Young lady!  Jesus loves you! Jesus wants you as one of his very own!! All you have to do is confess his name.  Just confess his name and you will live forever.”  And the woman confessed the name of Jesus, and when she did, she felt energy like water from a faucet rising up in her belly and she began to speak in unknown tongues and dance feverishly screaming “Thank you Lord Christ!!!”  “Thank you Lord Christ!!!”  That woman spent the rest of her life counseling teenagers on self-love and their worth before God.

I know a Baptist man who spent most of his days afraid that he would go to hell forever as he felt that he was unworthy of the Lord.  But one day he met a psychic woman, and she called him by name and said, “There is no such thing as eternal hell, and even if there was, you are not going there.  You are beloved by God and God loves us all so much that he will not let any of us writhe in torment forever.”  And the man normally would have dismissed the psychic woman as a worker of satan’s iniquities except that she sang him the song that his mother would sing to him when he was a child before his mother died and the psychic told him how much his mother had been watching over him throughout the years and how he would one day be reunited with her.   And now the man reads Tarot cards as a hobby, always stressing that Jesus can make anything happen, even if it ain’t in the cards!

The God of Abraham, The God of Isaac, The God of Jacob, The God of Malcolm, The God of Martin, The God of Hindu Yogis teleporting themselves to other dimensions, The God of Sufi Mystics spinning round and round to the sound of the universe, The God of Cogic Pentacostals tarrying and sweating and clapping and dancing and praising on Friday nights, The God of Einstein beginning to remove the veil between the invisible and the visible, the concrete and the ethereal, the physical and the spiritual, The God of Jimi Hendrix mesmerizing his fans throughout the universe as he works miracles on his vintage guitar.  The Amazing God has so many faces which sometimes look so different from the outside, but if you look closer, beneath the scaffolding of dogma, you see a love as wondrous and multidimensional as the creation that he, she, it, they created, and then the bliss of awe overtakes you and you feel the soft and thunderous caress of God’s unconditional love.