The Power of the Son

Some folks point to the cross as Jesus’ crowning achievement, as though the cross legitimized him or validated his claim to be the only Son of God and the Messiah of humanity.  In reality, it was the fact that Jesus’ was the indisputable Son of God that gave the cross its significance.  Thousands of oppressed people throughout the Roman Empire had been crucified during Jesus’ lifetime.  What made Jesus’ sacrifice so special was not that he died in a violent or humiliating way, as thousands of other human beings had done.  Rather it was the fact that the oldest Divine Being in existence save The Father in heaven and The Holy Spirit was humble enough to not only live as an infantile human being, but he was willing to be humiliated by one of the most cruel agents of torture and control in history.  And he did this so that he could transform it into an agent of healing for the planet.  When a person ponders the cross of Jesus with true humility and gratitude, they are accessing possibly the most powerful source of wholeness and empowerment in the Universe.  The blood of Jesus, the cross on which he was crucified, the stripes that he bore in his body as Isaiah prophesied he would, and the power of his resurrection are the four most powerful living symbols in existence for the healing of the spirit, soul, and body.  Right now in this century there are Christians and non-Christians, most of whom are unknown to the western imperial consciousness who are teleporting, speaking telepathically, miraculously healing at will, levitating, manipulating matter, regenerating, and living indefinitely.  But when the true power of the cross, the blood, the stripes, the resurrection, and the Son of God himself are revealed to all humanity in their truth rather than under the guise of fear or domination, then the miracle working power and the blissful ecstasy of every human being on the planet earth will operate on a level that the creation has never experienced.  There is no such thing as eternal punishment.  There is no such thing as God’s wrath.  There is no such thing as Karma.  There is no such thing as creating your own reality.  There is no such thing as any other demonic delusion that would cause human beings to be afraid or believe that there fates are in the hands of anything besides a loving God who will ensure that they all come to know true healing and salvation through the risen Lord.  There is only Jesus and his infinite love for us all.

Holy Spirit,

Thank you for your love.  Thank you for communing with our holy Father to give birth to the greatest entity that any human being could ever imagine, the Lord of the Prophets, the Sage of all Sages, the King of Kings, the Ancient of Days, and the only true hope for the planet earth.  Holy Spirit, please destroy the demonic delusions and forces that keep those of us who believe in him on a cross of futility, fear, dysfunction, and hatred.  Holy Spirit please heal the body of Christ such that for the first time in modern history the true Sons and Daughters of God are revealed to the creation and all manner of injustice, cruelty, and misery are forced to evaporate beneath the light of our revelation.  And Holy Spirit thank you for all of the people from non-Christian religions who have reflected the light of God as the world has writhed in confusion and fear.  Thank you for their incredible faith, power, hope, and love.  Now please reveal to all of them the mysterious epiphany of Jesus of Nazareth, not the prophet, not the sage, not the master-soul, but rather the living God who was, who is, and is to come.  Amen.


Imagine the Mystery

Imagine the Mystery

We live on the third planet from the sun.

To most experts there is no other planet in existence that can sustain our kind of life.

And yet, I wonder, why does the Sun exist at all?  Why does Neptune, or Saturn, or Venus, exist?

What is their purpose in the calculus of greater things?

The summer solstice is coming.

Why is it significant to so many people?

There was a time when I thought that Jesus was the only light in the universe and that all who did not pay him explicit homage were satanic.

There was a time when I imposed satan on beauty and called it false religion,

And though I couldn’t see it, I was trapped.

I was trapped in a corner of my consciousness sustained by the light of Jesus  but afraid of God, both the God above and the God in the faces of all of my human brethren.

Imagine the mystery of a God who can make Jesus Lord and yet give tribal high priestesses who do not believe in him the power to heal and an audience with the polity of heaven?

Imagine the mystery of a God who figures out a way to punish with love without condemning with wrath while ensuring that in the long run everything works together to all of our good,

Imagine the mystery of Vishnu and Siva, Allah and Jehova, Father Sky and Mother Earth, Images? Names? Metaphors? Or perhaps very real entities of love, blessing all of those who seek them with love.

I believe in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, and whether it is autocratic or not, I also believe that every body needs him.

But there is a mystery in the beauty of even the maya that we live in,

There is a mystery, a truly beautiful mystery that assures me that despite all that I see and all that hurts my soul, that where sin did abound grace did much more abound and there is always more God than devil no matter how bleak things seem.

There is a mystery, a truly beautiful mystery that assures me that Navaho medicine men speaking beauty into reality are perhaps one of the most profound God filled miracles to grace mother earth,

There is a mystery, a truly beautiful mystery that assures me that eventually there will be a new heaven and a new earth and that not a moment of human suffering will have been wasted as all the souls that ever were come together in harmony and bliss.

Mother God, please give me the strength to walk out this vision of devotion which is not at the expense of humility and reveal Jesus to the world anew and afresh free of the judgment and violence of the past.  And Mother God please especially bless all the people from all religions who are trying to walk by faith more than by sight.  Bless us all Mother God and bless us all to come together in love- Jew, Muslim, Hindu, Christian, Buddhist, Seeker, Tribal, and the rest.  Bless us to come together Mother God, because the world needs us and so many of us are hurting under the pressure of the enemy.  We irrespective of our differences have chosen to walk by faith more than sight and so we are the reason that Jesus will find faith when he returns, so please Mother God, bless us and heal us and set us free, so that we can be the joy that I long to feel and we can bring the gift of life eternal.

The Love of Jesus

There is nothing like the love of Jesus.  Jesus created humanity and yet still had the humility to become human.  He did not just become human in form, but he actually took on the flawed nature of humanity and the torment which that brought to bring about a new era for the planet.  Jesus may or may not have been fully God and fully man in his earthly incarnation, but he knew the pain of sin.  He knew the pain of making mistakes.  And he knew the pain of unstable emotions, all so that humanity would one day know divinity.  And now he loves humanity with an unconditional love that is unprecedented.  He watches as we judge one another and forsake one another and does not judge us but rather understands us and gently nudges us in the right direction.  Many women and men have communed with God and done great things, but no one has loved or loves humanity like this Messiah.  Jesus truly has no equal.  And the testimony of Jesus truly is the seed of the earth’s salvation.  Jesus is the key to unlocking our full divinity, and though many do great and beautiful things without relationship with him, no one will reach the fullness of their potential without acknowledging him as Lord and receiving him into their being.  If you are reading this and do not know Jesus and have not confessed him as Lord and Savior and invited him into your heart,  I do not believe that hell necessarily awaits you, as I believe that most souls go to bliss and unconditional love when they die and you can be sure that eternal hell will never await you.  If you are reading this and do not know Jesus and have not confessed him as Lord and Savior and invited him into your heart, I do not believe that you are under God’s wrath, as I believe that God unconditionally loves you and will continue to unconditionally love you whether you confess Jesus or not.  But if you are reading this and do not know Jesus and have not confessed him as Lord and Savior, I urge you to do so, because only the love of Jesus and relationship with him can bless you to be truly whole and the fullness of what God has destined you to become.  So if you want to know a love like no other, even if you have done miracles and communed with God and loved with abandon, give your life to Jesus Christ and experience a journey that you will cherish for all eternity.  Give your life to Jesus Christ and know yourself in a way that you never have before.  Give your life to Jesus Christ, and even if you have already seen into unseen dimensions and received knowledge of untold mysteries you will know a peace and profundity like you never thought possible.

Electric Water Sunshine

Sunshine is a gift from God,

Water is the flow of life which cleanses the heart of bitterness.

Most rainy days the clouds crowd out the sun.

And it is bittersweet because the water heals but the darkness dampens our consciousness of the stars.

But some days, water and sun collide and in the dayshine glory of the unseen moon we feel the electric elation of sun rays and cool pellets of cleansing release.

Electric water sunshine, what a rush!!!