It’s Here

In 2008, upon Barack Obama’s election to the presidency something profound happened in the heavenly realms.  A nation that built much of its prosperity on the forced labor of other human beings finally repented and elected a man with brown skin to its highest office.  When this happened, one of the greatest sources of hope and love to the earth, the United States of America became an emissary of inspiration.  The entire earth applauded the United States and all of the nations of the world felt a sense of pending blessing.

But very soon a darkness settled over the entire planet.  People began to forget themselves and began to forget their missions and callings.  People went beyond cynicism and fell into darkness and judgment like never before.  But today I am sure that the darkness of the past few years is over and that the price has been paid by many of us, similar to how the ultimate price was paid 2000 years ago my the author of our salvation and finisher of our faith for a season of joy and abundance like the world has ever known.  It is a upon us, this new season of love and healing and reconciliation.  So let it begin!