I Saw A Saint

I Saw a Saint

Today, I went to buy some herbs and saw a Saint,

And tears came to my eyes but I fought them so that no one could see,

Today, I went to buy some herbs and saw a Saint,

A Saint who loves so much that her husband works two jobs and puts in 90 hour work weeks to keep her dream alive,

A Saint who loves so much that her son and daughter adore her,

A Saint who loves so much that an entire community rallies behind her to make her dream real,

For she dreams of life,

She dreams that all would live and live mightily,

Today, I went to buy some herbs,

Powerful, beautiful herbs that bring my body life,

But I saw a Saint and though I believe that herbs are helpful,

I am drawn to her market not for the herbs, but for the smiles I see that reach into my soul.

Robin, Paul, Ruth, Dan, Eric, and this little angel, their smiles reach into my soul and help me feel the warmth of God almighty,

Today, I went to buy some herbs, powerful herbs,

But I saw a Saint with a dream so beautiful that tragedy tried to destroy it,

But some dreams cannot die so easily, for God has ordained them from the beginning of time.

Today, I went to buy some herbs and saw a Saint,

Whose love and resilience warms my soul,

And these tears I cry are not of sorrow but joy,

For today when I saw the smile on her face, I knew that her dream would not die, but that it would live into love everlasting,

And so I write this expression, to the Saint who sells herbs but really brings love everlasting to everyone she touches,

Ruth, the hero of old!!!



We walk,

We walk unsure of the next step,

Decisions before us, deafening in the screams of their importance,

One misstep and life becomes a nightmare without any notion that the terror will cease,

Habits berate us, reminding us of our mortality,

One day the end will come.

Some transcend and look death in the eye and say “Not today, today you will not have me for I will live again!”

But most, cower in the fear of the unknown drummer,

4 – 4 time, the cadence of a war that we do not understand, and yet we are called to fight from the day we are born,

Where is the victory?

We walk unsure of the next step,

Decisions before us, deafening in the screams of their importance,

And then in the distance, we hear the sound of hope,

No guarantees, just the hope of a new tomorrow.

And armed with our weapon,

We walk more sure of ourselves than before,

Into the unknown we march, the cadence of victory resounding throughout our consciousness!!

Do You Want A New Life?

Today, while I was walking on Radnor Lake, the Lord visited me and spoke the following, “All things will work together for good for all people, because I, the Lord, love all people and all people are called according to my purpose.”  The Lord communicated this to me no doubt because one of my favorite verses from scripture is Romans 8:28 wherein Paul intimates that “all things work together for good for those who love the Lord and are called according to his purpose.”  But notice the major difference between Paul’s version and the Lord’s version, in Paul’s version there seems to be only a select group of people who meet the criteria of loving the Lord and being called to his purpose for whom things work together for good whereas in the Lord’s version IT IS EVERYONE who is included in this promise of all things eventually working together for our good.  Furthermore, in Paul’s version our destiny is in our hands, for it is only those who choose to love the Lord who receive this promise, but in the Lord’s version it is up to the Lord and it is HIS LOVE that ensures our ultimate happiness.

I believe the Lord visited me with this word today, because I was beginning to forget the incredible profundity of his love and power.  I was beginning to focus too much on the rightness and wrongness of my choices and actions and I was beginning to forget that my ultimate destiny is not in my hands, THANK GOD!!!  When I consider the feeble nature of my intellect in the grand scheme of things and the fact that I do not know enough to even understand or create the grass that I walk on, I am extremely thankful that my ultimate fate is not up to me at all, but is rather in the hands of a loving God who will ensure that I will make it to a place of happiness and bliss.   This is just one small aspect of the thunderous love of God, but it is a key concept.  God’s love is too powerful for any of us to ultimately fail.  From the worst of to the best of us, all of us are in the hands of a loving parent who will mold, shape, refine, and mature us into beings of love, light, and creativity.

But this notion of all things working together for good for all people is really just the context on which the actual message of this post rests.  The actual message of this particular blog post is a question.  It is “Do you want a new life?”  I pose this question because once we dispense with the fear around our destiny and once we embrace the truth that God already has this whole thing worked out for us in the long run, then this question is what remains of the idea of giving your life to Jesus once the fear of eternal hell and/or eternal suffering is removed.  Once you realize that your destiny is not in your hands, then whether or not to believe in Jesus becomes an issue of the present not the future.  When I gave my life to Jesus, everything changed and it was as if I received a new life.  When I gave my life to Jesus it was literally like someone turned on a faucet in my stomach and like this effervescence starting flowing throughout my body.  When I gave my life to Jesus, all of the sudden, I could write incredible works of poetry in seconds.  When I gave my life to Jesus, all of the sudden, I could walk up to strangers and tell them about specific events in their lives that they had never confided to me.  All of the nonsense of there being this imperative to believe in Jesus OR ELSE, was just deception to distract me from the essence of the new birth that was taking place and the new life that I was being given.

So now I ask you.  If you do not yet believe in Jesus, do you want a new life?  If I was to tell you that your destiny is safe in the hands of a loving deity and there is nothing to worry about in reference to your ultimate fate, but that you had the chance right now to experience a new life and be born again, not to please God but rather to experience newness and joy like you have never known, would you seize this opportunity?  If your answer to that question is yes, then say this prayer, “Lord God I know that you love me and that my ultimate destiny is safely in your hands.  But I want to be born again, I want a new life Lord and so I humbly acknowledge your son Jesus Christ as my Savior and I ask that you give me the gift of the Holy Spirit afresh.  Thank you forever Lord God, Thank you forever.”