By: Woodrow Odom Lucas

Electricity making  my car go faster and faster almost without limit, almost without bound!

Electricity doing backflips in the night sky, screaming to be heard,

Crashing through trees and splitting them wide open,

Power, Power surging through the veins of my television set,

Showing me stories of superhero antiheroes,

Electricity, bombarding my brain,

Telling me what thoughts make since,

Electricity, bombarding my heart,

Making it pump faster, and faster, faster, and faster,

As I run faster, and faster, and faster, and faster!!

Electricity, mystery of all ages,

Electricity, the solution to bad weather,

Electricity carrying my voice across the world,

But now imagine?

A conscious power?

A conscious electricity, running through your veins,

Reminding you when you feel down, that God loves you,

Empowering you to heal the sick,

And Comfort those in mourning,

Living anointing,

Conscious anointing,

Personal anointing,

Storming the brigade of my system’s defenses,

Invading my soul and transforming me into something sublime,

Electricity doing backflips in the night sky, screaming to be heard,

Crashing through trees and splitting them wide open,

Power, Power surging through the veins of my heart, mind, and spirit,

Empowering me to write this rhyme,

Like the pattern of power throughout the ages,

Like the pattern of conscious anointing illuminating the sages of every age,

Conscious electricity,


Some say Paraclete,

Some say Holy Ghost,

Some say the rhythm of the cosmos,

Divine Power,

Surging, protecting, illuminating, transforming,

With us, always, until the fullness of its reality has become one with our instincts,

Our very DNA consumed by the anointing of old!!

The Ancient of Days!!

The Holy Spirit,

Blowing like a wind,

Crashing like a storm,

Flowing like a torrent,

Helping us to forgive,

And praise the Son, who was, who is and who will be!!



4 Dimensions of Earthly Love

By: Woodrow Odom Lucas


Matthew 22:36-40 (KJV)

36 Master, which is the great commandment in the law?

37 Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.

38 This is the first and great commandment.

39 And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.

40 On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.


Jesus’ earthly ministry was profound in many ways;  the miracles he performed,  his teachings in the Beatitudes, his teachings in the Sermon on the Mount, his love for the people he encountered, and so on and so forth.  But it is my belief that nothing he offered or that anyone else has offered compares to the genius of his mandate for us to essentially love God, love ourselves, and love others.  Jesus’ statement that we should love the Lord our God with all our hearts, our souls, our minds, and our strength and his complementary statement that we should love our neighbor as ourselves, suggests an axiomatic formula of balance and life that is universal and could apply to any religious framework.


Within Jesus’ statement we see a directional compass manifesting itself that instructs us to love upwards toward God, to love inward toward ourselves, to love outward toward others, and I would add a fourth direction to love downwards toward the earth.  Ostensibly, God is everywhere so the idea of loving upward is more metaphoric than literal; and in reality in the grand metaphysical scheme of things we are all interconnected so all 4 directions are really the same inertia.  But in this earthly realm of matter, maya, and opposites, I believe that most of us need the idea of these axiomatic directions of love to stay balanced and vital.


Paul calls love the greatest of attributes and I wholeheartedly agree with him.  Power is corrupting without love.  Favor is insincere without love.  Abundance is greedy without love.  Love makes everything better. Love covers over a multitude of sins.  Love helps us to grow.  Love comforts those in pain.  Love is the answer.  Love will always be the answer.  Love is the essence of what we come to this mysterious and mercurial planet to learn; and love is truly more powerful than anything in the universe.  But I believe that that loving in the three dimensions that Jesus’ decreed and in the fourth dimension that I am adding is much easier said than done.


Many of us, when we begin to see the light of truth and begin to be aroused in our faith, are set aflame with passion to love.  But oftentimes, this initial passion to love is imbalanced.  Either we are on fire for God, but judgmental of our brothers and sisters.  Or we are very considerate of others, but deep down believe that we are inadequate or unworthy.  Or we have high self-esteem and confidence, but also operate in selfishness, greed, and manipulation.  Or we are loving of God, loving of our family and friends, loving of ourselves, but cruel toward the other creatures of the earth and our ecosystem.  I believe that all of the metaphysical attributes possible for us to possess and experience such as balance, stability, sobriety, moderation, soundness of mind, power, confidence, joy, peace, stillness, goodness, meekness, temperance, patience, humility, fearlessness, courage, insight, happiness, circumspection and so on and so forth are all different frequencies of love, meant to help us operationalize love in a balanced and productive way.


In truth, I believe that love can be a source of great chaos in our lives if we become imbalanced in any of the four dimensions in which we can operationalize love on the earth.  I believe that a great source of imbalance in love is often the spirit of obsession.  We can become obsessed with our children, to the point that we forget to share our resources with others.  We can become obsessed with the earth, to the point that we judge those who have not yet made her a priority.  We can become obsessed with our own actualization, at the expense of showing compassion to those who may not have been given our privilege.  Love out of balance often becomes perverted into some darker manifestation, but love in balance is invincible.  I often say to myself that the only solution to too much love is more love!!


A common imbalance that I have observed in myself and others is a sincere concern for others, but a persistent inability to love ourselves.  When I say, “love ourselves” I do not mean self-indulgence or narcissism, but I mean the ability to truly care for ourselves, stand up for ourselves when necessary, and give ourselves what we need and desire.  I believe that given the self-hatred that often defines de facto religious paradigms, loving ourselves is something that it takes quite a bit of diligent attention to achieve.


I believe that living in the balance of loving God, loving ourselves, loving others, and loving the earth is similar to keeping a raft afloat on a river.  Sometimes the corner of the raft that deals with our self-esteem and our self-care needs attention.  Other times we need to start connecting more with those around us in loving ways.  Other times we need to put more emphasis into seeking the Divine and into exploring the mysteries of unseen dimensions.  Other times, we need to commune with mother earth and re anchor ourselves in the earth’s rhythms.  But I also believe that there are sublime times in our lives where our raft needs no concerted attention and we are flowing in the gracious ecstasy of loving God, loving ourselves, loving others, and loving  the earth in a balanced and healthy way.  May that gracious ecstasy abound for us all, always!! Selah!

The Mathematical Mystery of Jesus’ Uniqueness

By:  Woodrow Odom Lucas

One day I was walking on Radnor Lake and experiencing quite a bit of fear.  I saw this woman who seemed to be embroidered in peace and stillness.  I walked up to her and said, “Hi, my name is Woody, you look like you are very spiritual, could you pray for me?”  She responded, “How did you know I was spiritual?” I said, “I just knew.”  She said, “Woody, trust your knowing.”


Although I am a Christian, I have explored the people and beliefs of other religions extensively.  And although some may say that only Christocentric religions are real and authentic, my knowing has told me differently.  As I have explored Hinduism and the people of Hinduism, Tribal Religions and the people of Tribal Religions, Islam and the people of Islam, Judaism and the people of Judaism, and even Atheism and the people who are skeptical of spirituality, I have often experienced an authenticity, sincerity, love, power, and beauty that wreaks of my Savior and his beauty.  As a consequence, my knowing tells me that there is a mystery to this experience that transcends religious belief and a divinity to the human ontology that characterizes every human soul.  It is this knowledge which empowers me to say “Namaste” (The divinity in me salutes the divinity in you) to every human person that I encounter.


Similarly, it has often occurred to me that Jesus is not the only person in human history to rise from the dead, or heal the sick, or do spectacular miracles, or manifest spectacular love.  Numerous persons in history such as Quetzalcoatl, Babaji, Sri Lukestar, Anna grandmother of Jesus, and many others have completely transcended the human experience and reached the heights of supernatural and superhuman divinity.  Hinduism calls these people  Avatars.  Buddhism calls these people Bodhisattvas.  And while some may call them imposters or false messiahs, my knowing tells me that they are real people who really have become one with God.  Many people who believe in enlightenment call these transcendent masters, “master souls.”  And my knowing agrees with such nomenclature.


However, no matter how much I might want to put them in the same category of Jesus, my knowing always trusts in the notion that there is something absolutely unique about the Lord.  If there are many Avatars then Jesus is The Avatar.  If there are many Bodhisattvas then he is The Bodhisattva.  But still, I have no compelling evidence for this notion, besides the “knowing” that the Holy Spirit gives me.  Could this belief in Jesus as absolutely unique be the result of a fearful inner child who needs to cling to “one” and cannot embrace “many?”  Could this belief in Jesus as absolutely unique be the result of a persistent egotism and self-absorption which insists that my way is ultimately “more true” than others?  I have often asked myself these questions, and yet in the end I always return to my faith that as great as many have become, there is a mysterious transcendence to Jesus that transcends even them.


As of now, how Jesus transcends someone like Quetzalcoatl or Babaji who ostensibly did almost everything that he did, and in my estimation even demonstrated characteristics like humility and selflessness to a greater extent than Jesus did when he was operationalizing his earthly ministry remains a great mystery that I wholeheartedly embrace.  But recently, God has given me at least a metaphor that helps to make sense of my choice to embrace the Hindu notion of Avatar, and the Buddhist notion of Bodhisattva while at the same time embracing my Savior as absolutely unique.


Mathematics is in my opinion is as much a gift directly from Heaven as music.  Both music and mathematics remind us of a transcendent beauty which goes beyond what we can hope or imagine.  The timelessness of harmony all around us and the awe of the ideas of infinity or quantum relativity wreak of God.  Between the numbers 0 and 1 are an infinite amount of numbers.  .1, .11, .123, .1234, .12345, .123456, .1234567 and an infinite amount of other numbers are between the numbers 0 and 1.  So it could be said that infinity exists between 0 and 1.  However, between 0 and 2, there is not only an infinity of numbers but a greater infinity of numbers than between 0 and 1.  And between 0 and 3 there is an even greater infinity of numbers than between 0 and 2.  And so on and so forth.  So it is possible to have an infinity that is greater than infinity itself which is endless.  So although infinity is endless, never ending, and eternal, mathematics proves that it is possible to have a greater infinity that is even more endless, never ending, and eternal than infinity.  This is the way that I understand Jesus in comparison to other Avatars and Bodhisattvas.  Babaji is totally one with God.  Babaji is an absolute master soul.  Babaji is eternal, omniscient, and omnipotent.  But just as there is a greater infinity than infinity itself, Jesus completely transcends Babaji in every way.  Namaste and God Bless You!!

Some Souls

By: Woodrow Odom Lucas

Some souls come to the earth to suffer,

And they suffer in lonely silence from the time they are born to the time that they die,

But when they die, they hear the song of their suffering and their joy begets music,

And they compose the sound of waterfalls at dusk,

And they compose the sound of crickets on a summer night surrounded by people who love you,

And they compose the sound of an infant’s laughter,

And they compose the sound of sincere hearts searching for God singing to the clash of symbols and the raging wind of a bass guitar,

Some souls come to the earth to suffer,

And they suffer in lonely silence from the time they are born to the time that they die,

But when they die, they create a joyful noise that converts the most inveterate of skeptics,

I am a soul,

And I have suffered,

But my music will not wait for the sweet caress of death,

I will compose God’s symphony while I am still alive,

And the homeless, and the sick, and the lonely, and the tired will come to my concert,

And we shall make a joyful noise,

That will convert even the most inveterate of skeptics,

For music cannot be silenced,

It is in the very sting of rejection,

For even rejection can be beautiful,

Beauty is all around us,

Beauty shining,

Beauty singing,

Beauty composing,

Such that one day suffering will be no more and all we will hear is the fury of praise!!


The Emergence of Liberal Pentacostalism

By: Woodrow Odom Lucas

God is about to move on the earth.  God is about to take new and old and synthesize them into a vibrant religious and spiritual phenomena.  At the outset of the 20th Century, people like William J. Seymour, Agnes Osman, Smith Wigglesworth, and John G Lake were experiencing and co-creating a movement of spiritual renewal and rebirth that would redefine modern Christianity.  Calling its members back to the very beginning, these pioneers were bringing spiritual experience and sensory ecstasy together.  They spoke in tongues.  They believed in supernatural healing.  They purported the “born again experience;” and they helped people to believe once again that God was “REAL” and could truly accomplish anything through them.

Now, as the 21st Century begins to take shape and finds its character, Pentacostalism, is now second to Catholicism as the largest Christian enclave.  However, many Pentacostals in the modern day believe in Conservative tenets like eternal damnation for unbelievers and the sinfulness of a “Queer” lifestyle.  It is my belief that modern day Pentacostalism is a force of good and accomplishes a lot for the Kingdom of God’s manifestation on the earth.  But I also believe that many in this generation feel ostracized and alienated by Pentacostalism’s sometimes puritanical and judgmental view of reality.  I consider myself to be a Pentacostal.  I speak in tongues. I believe in the power of God to miraculously heal anyone of anything.  I voraciously ingest scripture.  But I also believe that most of the world’s religions are redemptive and full of truth and beauty.  I believe that Yoga is a God instituted paradigm to bring about healing to the soul and body.  I believe that Queer and transgendered people have something to offer society that is sublime and redemptive without changing their sexuality or sexual orientation in any, way, shape, or form; and I believe  that Jesus will find a way for not some, but ALL, human souls to find redemption.

Consequently one might call me not just a Pentacostal, but a Liberal Pentacostal.  And I am not the only one who fits this description.  In reality, God is about to birth another Asuza Street revival with the same fervor with which She worked in 1906.  And these new revivalists will speak in tongues and perform miracles just like their predecessors.  But now, there will be an alternative available to them which was not present at the dawn of Pentacostalism.  Now there will be an option,  one that allows them to fervently believe in Jesus as Lord and still embrace Hinduism as a transcendent path to the Divine,  one that enables them to rest in the trust that all their human brothers and sisters will make it in the hereafter, one that doesn’t make them feel guilty or apostate for voting for Bernie Sanders, one that enables them to embrace all religions, genders, races, and classes with equanimity and unconditional love.  A revival is coming.  One that will be just as fervent as Asuza Street.  But this time, something new will emerge.  This time, not just the Pentacostal, but the Liberal Pentacostal will be a 21st Century reality.