By: Woodrow Odom Lucas

Storms exhilarate us,

Storms terrify us,

Storms can change a life in so many ways,

Storms can destroy years of work,

Storms can bring much needed rain,

Storms enthrall us as we revel in the sounds and sights of motion,

Storms set us aflame with deliverance,

Storms recalibrate our sensibilities,

There is a storm coming,

A storm of charity and peace,

A storm of justice and mercy,

A storm of truth and enlightenment,

A storm of awakening and recompense,

A storm of forgiveness and amends made,

A storm of technological innovation,

A storm of science and faith coming together as the partners they were intended to be,

A storm of awareness of all the dimensions that surround us,

A storm of explosive creativity and ingenuity,

A storm that evolves the face of humankind,

And reveals its Savior like never before.


The Plan

By: Woodrow Odom Lucas

Demon 1 – Oh my God!! He’s done it!!! He’s risen!! Oh crap!! We are so screwed!!!  That crazy man actually did it!! He rose from the dead after dying a violent death!! What do we do now?  We are definitely in it!! I mean bro!! We got a problem!!!

Demon 2 – I don’t know?! I guess we’re just screwed?! I mean I’m at a loss?!

Demon 1 – I know!! Let’s kill all of his followers!! Then there will be no one left who knows!

Demon 2 – No! That will just make them martyrs and the faith will spread like wild fire!!

Demon 1 – No bro!! I’ve got!! I’ve got it!! Let’s sow seeds of ignorance and fear among his followers.  Let’s convince them that he’s unforgiving and will condemn all unworthy servants to the torment that awaits us!!!

Demon 2 – Yes!! Yes!! That’s brilliant!! We’ll convince all of his followers that homosexuals are of the devil!! We’ll convince them all that Yoga is demonic! Yes! Yes!! And the more powerful and devoted they are, the more ignorant and judgmental we’ll deceive them into becoming!!

Demon 1 – Oh Man!! We’re geniuses!! This is so perfect! He dies on the cross to save humanity, but we will create a war of all against all.  There will be no tolerance.  There will be no togetherness!! There will be no harmony! Just confusion, fear, and manipulation!!

Demon 2 – Oh, bro!! We’ve really arrived at something, let’s get these ideas to master.

Demon 1 – Yes, let’s do!!!

The Still Small Voice!

By: Woodrow Odom Lucas

I laid down in the bed terrified,

I felt like something was trying to take over my mind,

I could hear 2 and 3 sets of thoughts in my head,

My stomach was spasming uncontrollably,

I could not satiate my overwhelming desire to die and be free of the torment,

And I heard a still small voice in my consciousness say, “Woody, I’m here, and where I am you are safe”

And for the next 3 hours that still small voice talked me out of a madness that I wish on no one.

This experience has happened over 100 times in the past 3 years.

Over 100 times I have felt tormenting madness, and over 100 times a still small voice has talked me out of it.

Guiding me to the left and to the right.

Is the still small voice God?  Is it an  angel?  Is it a higher form of myself?  Is it a figment of my imagination?  Is it a nefarious force trying to deceive me? Is it a creation of a troubled mind?

I think at different points over the last three years, it has been all of the above.

But it has guided me to a point where I am on the brink of my goal to be 100% functional and symptom free on meds.

And when I am free, I will free others.

You can count on it.