By: Woodrow Odom Lucas


As I survey popular culture these days, I see a tinge of the macabre that I find disturbing.  As if unhappiness and misery are the archetypes of present and future which are inspiring our current cadre of artists and writers.  And sometimes I wonder, if the folks who see us moving toward a grand apocalypse, or “last days” do not have some cogency to their arguments.  But then I consider those generations when one disease like Polio or the Flu wiped out potential millions, or I consider a time when those who had my DNA were locked in ships to suffocate on their own feces, or I think of a time not so long ago, when an entire religion of people was systematically exterminated by individuals claiming to believe in Jesus, and I remember that times are no worse now than they have ever been, they are just different, and different can be frightening.


Still, the problem of human ignorance and human destructiveness do confuse the more optimistic of spiritual people.  “How can Namaste be true when we treat each other so harshly?”  “Are all of us really trying the best that we can, because it sure doesn’t seem like it?”  “Why does it seem like Science and Religion two of the most powerful tools through which humanity can transcend are mired in confusion, extremism, perfectionism, and hubris?


Some might say that the answers to these questions are buried in the mystery which is inherent to our conditions, and in most cases I would agree with them.  But this particular problem, the problem of human malady and ignorance, I believe has an answer.  We as human beings are invariably infantile.  Human beings are infants compared to other creatures on the earth.  We are infants in the grand scheme of things as it concerns God and our ultimate destiny.  And we are infants in our own personal journeys toward what we are destined to become.  There is no one on this earth in my opinion no matter how powerful, no matter how evolved who is more than at most a young preemie in the grand scheme of things.


And so understanding ourselves as infants makes since of quite a bit.  It marries our infinite potential for love and our divine spark, Namaste, with our penchants toward cruelty and malevolence.  It also helps us understand how all of us from the worst of us to the best of us share the same destiny of reconciliation with God .  We are infants and ultimately all of us are doing the best that we can to make since of a reality that is so very new to us, when placed in perspective.  As much as I disagree with what comes out of Donald Trump’s mouth, he becomes palatable to me when I remember him as an infant, just trying to figure it out like the rest of us.  We all really do have the divine spark, Jesus really has reconciled us all, we all really are trying the best that we can, and when we reach maturity as the Sons and Daughters of God that we are destined to become, the Creation will know light and love that transform the very fabric and nature of reality.


BY: Woodrow Odom Lucas

It’s seven o’clock,

The sun has gone down,

Fall has begun to unleash its breathtaking barrage of color and sound,

Crickets, leaves, yellow, tan, red, purple, green,

Children harkening to the music of the ice cream man!!

“Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, Ice Cream”,

Couples walking in the twilight, holding hands with smiles on their faces,

Young boys playing flag football, older boys running for touchdowns,

Babies suckling to their mother’s breast,

Hardened criminals repenting of ills and getting out on parole,

It’s seven o’clock,

The sun has gone down,

Fall has begun to unleash its breathtaking barrage of color and sound,

Young well to do’s bumpin’ Young MC in their beetle convertibles,

Ethiopian immigrants harnessing the last weeks of warmth to take a dip in the public pool,

Hispanic couples dancing salsa until the midnight hour,

And somewhere deep in the rural south,

An African American farmer looks out over his crops with pride and expectancy and says,”Yessireee I do believe we’ve got us a Harvest this year.  I do believe we’ve got some Harvest, yes we do!!!”