My Christmas Gift This Year

By: Woodrow Odom Lucas

As a man on the cusp of middle age, I have a lot to be thankful for.  I have two great, renaissance type children who are always filling me with pride and joy. I have two really supportive parents.  I have a brother who both inspires and encourages me constantly.  I have lots of great friends.  I have a really supportive ex-wife who is about to get remarried, consequently adding excitement and new experiences to my life as well.  I am really sexy.  I have a tremendous job where I get to help people every day.  I am extremely intelligent.  I have one of the most tremendous testimonies of anyone I have ever met.  And I am pretty sure that God is about to give me arguably the hottest female that I have ever seen to be my next life partner.


But even with all of these blessings, I found a way to ask God for a Christmas gift again this year.  This year I asked God to give me full knowledge, wisdom, and understanding of my anatomy.  The human anatomy is one of the most profound mysteries on our planet.  From our biology, to our metaphysics, to our emotions, to our sexuality, we are such a puzzle?  For instance, according to science, it is the brain that it is the center of everything.  If the brain starts malfunctioning you can basically say, “Game Over” to any kind of fruitful experience in life.  And to be honest, I think science has a lot of merit to its arguments. As a person whose brain did start to malfunction, I can honestly say that a malfunctioning brain is definitely no picnic.  But science is not the only authority to consider in exploring what makes “us” us.  More modern spirituality claims that the heart is the true center of our person hood and is also our connection to God.  More modern spirituality claims that most of our issues stem from a disconnection from the heart, and becoming heart centered reflects a true rediscovery of health and wellness in all facets.  Jewish roots inform that our heart is actually in our stomach, and so the stomach is the point of most concern.  And then Christianity has any number of focal points, including the brain as mind, the heart as heart, and the stomach as will.  And then you have Eastern religion with its notions of Chakras and Chakra health and wellness in addition to the heart as being key aspects to our anatomy health and wellness.


In truth, it seems to me that maladies like Cancer, Aids, Mental Illness, and Diabetes would not be so rampant if we really had a knowledgeable consensus on what really constituted “us” as human beings.  So I will end this brief post with a request.  In this wondrous Christmas Eve, the Eve of the day that we celebrate the birth of our Messiah, Jesus Christ I ask that you join with me in praying that all of us get total and complete knowledge, wisdom, and understanding of our human anatomy once and for all.  In fact, here is a prayer that you can pray out loud tonight as you are wrapping those last minute gifts for tomorrow.  “Holy Mother-Father please give all human beings on the earth, total knowledge, wisdom, and understanding of our anatomies by tomorrow December 25th, of the year 2016, In Jesus Name, Amen.”  Well, may you have a fantastic Christmas and transcendent new year!!!




Woodrow Lucas