Scream Jesus

By: Woodrow Odom Lucas

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This poem is a poem entitled Scream Jesus which gives glory to my savior for the way in which he rescued me when I first started to experience mental illness.  Enjoy!!

Scream Jesus

My brother and my sister,

My brother and my sister and my father and my mother,

My boss, my blessed manager,

My leader,

My husband,

My wife,

My writer, my poet, my prophet, my painter, my gardener, my garbage man,

My earth, my pet, my tree, my rock, my sock, my land,

Let me tell you a story

My brother, I submitted to serve a man and found a religion,

And it was hard because there were such differences,

There were such differences, my brother, and I could see no solution,

So I got a little sour.

It was a dard hour, my brother,

So dark.

And in the darkeness, I was in my parents’ basement, hearing these voices telling me to confess lying.

I was in my parents basement, and my hands looked thin and bony and pink, like the legs of a wretched widow.

Like a black widow, giving birth to the worst lie ever told.

I saw my fave, and I saw the scars of a witch,

As though I was the worst thing that ever was.

I was in a ditch, my brother, hearing voices of a foolish generation.

Burying my sanity in the shame of guilt and self-righteousness.

But brother, but mother, it wasn’t over.

With all of the force of my consciousness, I hell on to some glimmer of sanity.

Just enough to keep me drinking down a glass of dishwashing detergent or throwing myself off of a balcony.

And now, brother, I am writing this word to you listening to the JAkson Five.

I am alive, sister, and I shall live.

Oh Lord, I’m gonna live.

And it might not always be so,

For this life has very few guarantees.

This life is as bright as a cloudless ay in 100 degree summer.

This life is as dark as the suffocating cocoon of a spider’s murderous deception in the darkest rain forest.

My brother it is beautiful.

And I want you to now, when I was trapped down there.

When I was trapped down there, convinced throughout my soul that my daughter was a demon and my wife was the whore of Babylon.

When I was trapped down there convinced that I was the beast himself giving birth to the son of perdition.

There was one who was with me.

Who gave me the strength to hold on.

And daughter, that ditch might come again, for this life has few guarantees, and it is beautiful and horrific all together,

But if that ditch comes again, I promise you this I won’t remain there.

It might take a minute, it might take a lifetime, but I will make it out of that ditch.

Because brother, are you listening brother?

There is a man who is with me.

There is a man who walked this life in darkness and horror, who is with me.

And I guarantee you he will never let me stay there.

See, drunkard, see my brother drunkard on the street us trying to find some way to take away that pain deep within,

There is a man that turned water into wine so you could be happy.

See sister, hardy able to get dressed in the morning cause you can’t bare the sight of your own blessed body.

There is a man, who they called a glutton.

A man who likes to party.

A man who likes to laugh.

A man who’s risen to the 3rd dimension, partying his ass off as he comforts lepers on the street.

See my child.

Christians are great, but they don’t have all the answers.

The Bible is blessed, but it doesn’t have all the answers.

But there is a man who is risen, who likes to laugh and cry and drink Heineken.

And brother, as sure as Nat King Cole was a prophet of the most high,

As sure as John Coltraine walked the path of Jeremiah,

As sure as Charlie Parker walked the footsteps of the Buddha,

He has all the answers.

He’s down with Jesus, he’s down with scientologists, he’s down with Muslims, he’s down with Christians, he’s down with Catholics, he’s down with Hare Krishnas, he’s down with new age, he’s down with James Redfield, he’s down with social workers making plans to birth a brighter community; he’s down with George Buh being outspoken about his faith, he’s down with salesmen getting drunk on Friday’s and sharing love with each other, he’s down with Native Americans having sweat box sessions and casting out demons with the blessed spirit of mother earth; and he’s down with you.

I tell you, sister, n the street selling your body to make ends meet cause you know no other way,

I tell you brother, beating your wife and not knowing how to stop,

I tell you, sister, cheating on your husband and disrespecting your children.

I tell you he’s with you.

I tell you brother ho tried all your life to lead a righteous life but you can’t forgive our daughter for sleeping with the local gangster.

I tell you scientist who can’t believe in God because you’re trying to cure cancer ,

He’s with you.

I tell you brother, seething in a club with a gun in your hand about to kill our brother because you can’t forgive your mother,

He’s with you.

He with us.

He became us.

And he will never let us go.

So when this life starts to beat you down and the voices of accusation have you in the darkness of the spide’s web, my mother,

Keep hope and scream at the top of your lungs, “Jesus you crazy savior, it sure don’t feel like you hear me, and Christians get on my last nerve,  but I believe that you’re real anyway.  Now save my ass, so we can get on with it

Just scream “Jesus” brother.

Some scream “Allah” and Jesus hears them.

Some scream “Jehova” and Jesus hears them too.

And you scream what you want ‘cause he’s down with us all.

But in that dark place man, in that noose of the spiders web, you scream “Jesus.”

Cause just as sure as Nelson Mandela has walked the path of John the Baptist,

He’s real, and he’ll love you forever.


Readers of this blog, that was one of my favorite poems for so long.  But the truth is that long after writing it, I actually did hit a ditch again when I had my second psychotic break in 2011.  And my life once again unraveled.  But I screamed Jesus and held on.  And now I am the Executive Director at the Brain Injury Association of Tennessee and more functional and symptom free than I have been in a long time.

Namaste and God Bless!!! Woody


By: Woodrow Odom Lucas

To see the smiles on my daughters’ faces when they come into all the good that God has for them, is worth all the torment I have ever known.

To see a man with no hope, trapped in his mind, find his heart alive again, is worth every terror that Satan has whispered in my ear.

To see my ex-wife rewarded for her many sorrows in the bliss of holy matrimony once again, is worth every night I needed Ativan to have peace.

To see my brother achieve his dreams and leave his mark on this world, is worth every day I lived in fear.

To see my parents healthy and well and free of doubt, is worth every bit of loneliness I have ever experienced.

To look into the souls of my hurting brothers and sisters and convince them beyond a shadow of a doubt that God’s love for them is real and unending.

That is the reward that awaits me, for this hell that I have harrowed.

For no hell lasts forever, and even the worst of them always end in victory!

I am a Figment

By: Woodrow Lucas

I am a figment of another being’s imagination,

My existence is completely dependent on the reality of her dream,

Her ever changing narrative defines me and circumscribes me,

I am free, only in the liberty of the life that she conceives for me,

I am not, unless she is,

My entire life is a function of her heart, mind, and soul,

I am hers forever more, this mother God who breathes me through the beating rhythm of her consciousness.

I am hers forever more, this mother God who loves me fully and will never let me fade away.

Calvinism, Fertile ground for Universalism

By: Woodrow Odom Lucas


I have always thought that Calvinists would make great Universalists.  Calvinists are often totally surrendered to what they believe is the plan of God, and totally accepting of God’s will.  They often walk with a profound peace that comes from receiving the unconditional grace of God that one does not need to merit, but which is a free gift.


But my belief that Calvinists would make great universalists is based as much on how similar their beliefs are to Universalism as it is the fact that they often walk in the beautiful and loving character of Christ. Calvinists believe in 5 ideas that make the foundation for their doctrinal adherence.  They believe in Total Depravity, Unconditional Election, Limited Atonement, Irresistible Grace, and Perseverance of the Saints.


As we walk through each idea, I think it will become obvious how Universal Salvation emerges out of Calvinism, quite easily!!!  First of all, Calvinists believe in Total Depravity.  They believe that the nature of human beings is inherently evil, and that only the Grace of God can redeem us from our hellish selves.  This is granted, an extremely pessimistic way of viewing human nature with which I pointedly disagree, but it does lay the foundation for the notion that no one really deserves all that God has for them, and so our ultimate salvation is not up to us, but up to God.


Second, Calvinists believe in unconditional election.  So Calvinists believe that God randomly elects who will be saved at the beginning of all time and then separates out the elect from the non-elect through the predestined choice of faith in Christ.  Now in a sense, this is totally monstrous, the idea that God would just randomly assign one of her children to eternal torment.  But the idea of “election” is foundational.  If God can elect some, then why can’t God elect all?  If it is God’s will that all be saved, then why can’t God just elect all at the beginning of time. So to the extent that God elects all human beings, then election is foundational to Universalism.


Number three, Calvinists believe that Jesus was totally successful on the cross and that he achieved absolutely everything that he set out to achieve at Calvary.  As a consequence, they believe that he only atoned for some of humanity not all of humanity, because if he atoned for all and all did not get saved then he would in some sense have failed in his mission.  Now the whole notion of limited atonement defies almost everything written in scripture and must be apocryphal in nature.  But the idea that Jesus totally succeeded on the cross, is foundational to Universalism.  If Jesus really did succeed on the cross in dying for all of the sins of all of humanity, and his atonement was for all and not just some, then in truth karma, Justice, perfection before God, and the cries of evil principalities for eternal hell have all already been satisfied and the human suffering that still goes on is more about learning and redemption in the final analysis than punishment.


Fourth, Calvinists believe in irresistible grace.  Irresistible grace is the notion that God’s grace cannot be resisted by our human nature or consciousness.  In other words, if God wants you, then God is going to get you, no matter what.  This notion is not only true, but powerful.  There is no human being alive who can resist God’s love when they really feel it.  No one can say no to God when they are enraptured in her loving touch.  Now in this earthly realm, our senses are very dulled to God’s love.  But at least some people of all faiths, can witness to an ecstasy and a bliss that comes from communing with God that is like nothing we have ever experienced!!! Irresistible grace proves that all will one day turn to God, because in the final analysis her grace is irresistible and free will is only a limited concept.  How can a limited being have absolute free will?  Can I teleport to the moon at will?  No!! So I don’t have absolute free will, I have limited free will and that limited free will, is destined to one day feel the irresistible grace and love of God and choose to become one with her.


Lastly,  many people who come to belief in Jesus at some point in their lives do not maintain their faith in Jesus throughout their lives.  So Calvinists have a doctrine called Perseverance of the Saints, which maintains that the true elect never turn away from the faith.  So those who turn away from the faith, were never really saved to begin with.  Now this notion could lead to so much judgment and accusation in the body of Christ that one might question why I even mention it.  But the perseverance of the saints is the idea that in the end, even if it seems like a person has lost their faith, or gone astray, that there is something in them, a perseverance that will eventually figure it out.  So from a Universalist perspective, the perseverance of the saints simply means that we are all endowed with an indomitable will to repent and become what God wills for us to become, and that will always wins in the end.


I absolutely love Calvinists!! I think that they are among the most intellectual and thoughtful of Christians.  When I talk to them, I often come alive.  But now I see them as more than just possible people to pray and fellowship with.  I now see them as a mission field for Christian Universalism.  Because in truth, they already have the basics, they just need a little tweak here and there!! Namaste and God Bless!! Woody