Oh Death Where Is Thy Sting!!

By: Woodrow Lucas

Bob and Charlotte were warriors for Christ like few people have warred for Christ.  As a couple they had created over a thousand praise and worship songs and preached over ten thousand sermons.  But on Friday night, Bob and Charlotte were in a hospital room, and Charlotte was moving on to the great beyond!!  And to celebrate her impending home going, Charlotte, Bob, and their family were singing some praise and worship songs.


Well there were five Muslim brothers and sisters who were on their way to visit an uncle in the hospital who passed by their room and inquired, “What are you singing?” To which Bob and Charlotte responded, “We are singing songs to our savior.”  And the five brothers and sisters responded, “Oh we love your savior, he is the messiah who is to come to set things right at the end of all things!!”  And Bob and Charlotte said, “Well why don’t you come and sing with us.”  So the five Muslim Children gathered around Charlotte’s bed and began to sing to southern songs for which Bob and Charlotte were well known.


And one of the Muslim children said to Charlotte, “It is obvious to me ma’am that you walk with the power of Allah.  Will you pray for me.”  So Charlotte, although she was tired and weak, said, “Of course I will.”  For Charlotte hardly ever turned down a request for her to pray for someone, even on her death bead.  So she decided to start her prayer in tongues but what came out was strange Arabic that she couldn’t stop speaking.  She said:


Assalamualaikum my children and Aalaykumuassalum, I am your Messiah,

I lead your Imams,

I watch over your children,

And I help them to see,

The love and power abounding, the soundness of mind that is me,

I am the King of Kings and Lord of Lords,

I am the weak and strong force in your molecules,

I am the Father’s sword,

I am the word of God incarnate and I speak so you can see,

The abounding love and mercy that is me,

I was born God incarnate but an infant in my mind,

I was born God incarnate, but with satan in my flesh,

And though I lived a life of torment and stress,

I spread joy and life everywhere I went and conquered death,

Because of me you can rest easy,

If you lose your boys or girls,

For I led captivity captive and gave gifts unto men,

For I conquered satan in my flesh and erased the power of sin,

For I fulfilled the law completely so that you and yours can know,

Your free to go an grow in mercy and not in letter’s fear,

I went to hell and preached the gospel so that all could soon rejoice,

That no one writhes in eternal torment even with the light of choice,

For on the cross I changed your secret will for all ages to come,

Your choices bad and good will lead to life when all is said and done,

I am the victor and the victory who has already won,

I am the lamb that was slain, to take away your pain,

And now I declare as your messiah, as earth and heaven sing

I declare aloud through willing vessels, Oh death where is thy sting!!


When the Muslim children were finished listening.  They were beside themselves and kep t ranting to Charlotte “Assalamualaikum peace be unto you great mother, Aalaykumuassalum and peace also be on you great mother.  Peace be unto you great mother. Peace be unto you.  For you tell us of the master that Muhammed said would come.  And because of him it is done.  We need not fear hell.  We need not fear death.  For because he passed his test.  Let earth and heaven ring, oh mighty death, oh mighty death where is thy sting!!”



Charlotte laughed gleefully at the children.  Thinking about the irony of her winning so many coverts to Universal Reconciliation on her death bed.

As Charlotte and Bob and the Muslim Children were laughing and singing.  A Wiccan witch walked into the hospital with an aquaramine crystal on his neck.  As he walked into the hospital, the aquaramine crystal started glowing and leading him in a certain direction.  He followed his crystal to Bob and Charlotte’s room.  And when he entered into the room he saw tongues of fire, earth, air, and water  flowing throughout the room. And he said to himself, “What in the world is this.” And he asked Charlotte and Bob, “I am sorry to intrude but what is going on here?”  And Bob responded, “My wife Charlotte is dying and we are celebrating her home going, by singing songs to Jesus.”

The wiccan man quickly responded, “No disrespect, but I am a witch who believes in the power of fire and earth, I have do not believe in Saviors.”  And Charlotte Laughed and said.  Mr. Wiccan Witch, what is your name.  The man said, “Temerity. My name is Temerity.” And Charlotte said to the man, come here Temerity and stare into my eyes and tell me what you see.

And Temerity looked into her eyes and fell into a trance.  And began to talk without knowing.  He said:

I see a man on a cross in excruciating agony.  And I see what he is seeing in his mind’s eye.  He sees me many years from now with my coven mates.  I am dead and they are about to give me back to the earth.  And there are angels surrounding us, waiting to take me somewhere good. I can see a Hindu girl surrounded by priests and family members about to be cremated.  And as she is about to be set aflame, I see angels all around her about to take her soul somewhere good.  I see a Buddhist man surrounded by Buddhist monks and family about to be set aflame.  And again I see angels all around them about to take the man’s soul somewhere good.  And now I see a huge planet that looks like earth, but larger.  And I see a multitude of peoples, seems like all the people that have ever been.  Kneeling down before a light in the sky so bright that it eclipsed the Sun.  And I see all the people in unison, say, ‘Oh great Lamb of God Jesus of Nazareth, we confess with Joy that you are the Lord of All.’ And then I saw the man on the cross say, ‘IT IS FINISHED!!’

And then Temerity came out of his trance with tears in his eyes and said, “Charlotte there is no tradeoff between Jesus and the earth, I can believe in both!”  And Charlotte knew very little about the Wiccan religion so she just nodded with a big smile on her face.  And then she looked over to Bob and motioned him closer and said, “Honey, it’s about time, I am about to see Jesus in the flesh!!”  And Bob’s eyes welled up with tears.  And he began to shout:

I know little of religion and know even less about civics,

But I have preached a man who saved all for most of my life,

I have preached through strife to folks who don’t want to hear it,

I have preached to people who instead of embrace love would rather fear it,

But I have preached, And I have preached.

And sometimes I have wondered what’s the point,

Maybe I would have been better off playing banjo and smoking joints,

But now I see something, I see it clear,

That I have never seen before,

That what I preached is living hope in what waits in store,

For all who walk in human flesh,

When they reach their appointed death,

I have preached a gospel that says to death outright,

You are nothing to fear, you are nothing to fight,

You’re just a passage to a Savior who loves with all his self,

You’re just a merciful ending for those to whom bad hands have been dealt,

You’re just a servant dear friend death, nothing to fear at all,

Because of the sacrifice that Jesus made for us all.

And so Earth and Heaven get right loud, make noise and hear angels sing,

And so all hail the merciful lamb of God, the merciful King,

For because of him, I can now say, Oh Death Where Is Thy Sting!!!


And when Bob was done shouting. Charlotte gave up the ghost with his hand in hers.  And he smiled down upon her and kissed her lips for the last time.  And then after the Doctor declared her dead. Bob sighed a sigh of acceptance, sorrow, and hope.  And then he took his family, those Muslim Children, and the Wiccan Witch out to dinner at an all you can eat buffet.  Because Bob and Charlotte absolutely loved all you can eat buffets!!

No Illness!!

By: Woodrow Lucas

I have had an illness for a long time.

And sometimes this illness has given me hard times.

Like sometimes when I have been at work at a high paying job.

I have been at my desk surrounded by people and I have started to have stomach spasms.

And then I have started to hear voices coming from different places in my body.

Terrible, horrific voices, telling me that I am the spawn of Satan, telling me that I am going to hell forever, telling me that they would torment me for ever and ever and ever.

And I have had to sit at my desk and endure and act like nothing was wrong, because no one I worked with knew that I had an illness.

In my mind, I had no choice.  Because I am a good employee, and I have always been a good employee; and I am a hard worker and I have always been a hard worker and no illness will change that.

No illness will change the man that God has made me.

Like sometimes when I have taken my youngest daughter to sporting events.  I have had spasms that rise up in my body and I have heard voices telling me that I was the spawn of satan and that they would torment me forever throughout different parts of my body.  And I endured until the torment passed.  Because I am an excellent Dad who loves his children more than life itself and no illness will rob me of my chance to see my youngest  daughter do Jujitsu, or play soccer, or play piano.

Because no illness will ever define me.

No illness will ever change who God has made me.

And as I have journeyed with this illness I have had several comforts that have made the illness easier to deal with.  I have had an extremely supportive support system of family and friends.  I have had medications  that help to alleviate the symptoms. I have had an African Psychiatrist who is always cracking hilarious jokes about my love life and who supports me putting God at the center of my recovery. I have had an energy worker who brings God into my physical and metaphysical systems of being.  I have had a therapist that helps me to process the traumas and demons within so that I can one day be free.  I have had this book called “Autobiography of a Yogi”” which has introduced me to beautiful and powerful men and women full of Christ Consciousness who could do incredible things.  And reading their stories has convinced me that if they can stop trains with their minds then I can overcome mental illness.  Even though there is no scientific cure.

Because no illness will rob me of the life that God has promised me.

No illness will keep me from travelling the world and visiting my oldest daughter at Spellman College.  No illness will define my sense of what is possible or of what can be.  No illness, no label in a book, no diagnosis devised by a psychiatric mind, will define my sense of the heights that I can climb.  For I am wonderfully and powerfully made in the image of God and no illness can over power that image.

And there are three more things that comfort me on my journey out of illness.  Jesus, my prayer warriors, and Universalism.  Jesus is my rock and my guide and no matter what torments have come upon me, he has guided me through them.  Sometimes when torments have been strong and I feel panicked, I have texted my prayer warriors.  These prayer warriors are beautiful men and women from all different types of religious persuasion and they have never failed me.  When I have I texted they have responded with words that they are praying and I have always felt comfort from their prayers.  And lastly, I adhere to a belief system called Universalism.  Universalism is the idea that God loves all creatures and made all creatures and so because God loves all the creatures that God has made, God has saved us all through Jesus’ atonement and God will save us all through us eventually cooperating with her grace along our journey.  My Universalism is absolute and I believe that no one escapes the merciful, generous, and gracious gift to be reconciled to God in a way that they understand.  To be a Universalist you have to believe two things about God.  Number one, that she is all powerful.  And Number two that he is pure love.  You must believe both these things about God to be a Universalist.  And Universalism says to me that if God can save every creature everywhere to include the devil as evil as that guy has been, then God can heal me of mental illness, because BY JESUS’ STRIPES I AM HEALED.

Because no illness is greater than a Sovereign God of pure love and no illness can overcome the irresistible grace of God that she is pouring into me .  And I tell you, I am almost free of this illness that has tried to limit me for years.   I am almost free.  I am knocking at the door of freedom and that door is about to open to me.  Because no illness will ever define me. And no illness will ever get the victory over the indomitable will that God has given me.






Adam’s Song

By: Woodrow Lucas

Adam sat on his toilet with the barrel of a 12 gauge shotgun pressed up into his mouth.  He tried to pull the trigger, but as he tried, he burst into tears.  He got off of the toilet and hid the shotgun.  He walked into his living room and fell on the floor. He began to pray, “Jesus!! Please hear me!! I am on the edge of taking my own life.  And I see no way forward.  I feel utterly alone in this world.  And I pray and pray to you and receive no answers.  I know that I have plenty of friends, but they all expect me to be the perfect family man who owns a successful business.  I mean Jesus I single handedly built a business that handles the billing for more than half the Healthcare companies in Nashville.  But in this moment, I feel like a pariah.  My wife loves me dearly, but she has no idea that I have been cheating on her for 2 and half years.  And my kids think I’m a great dad, but they don’t know that sometimes I hear these voices that I can’t see.

And Jesus I am too embarrassed to go to a therapist or psychiatrist.  And Lord I have no idea of how to come clean to my wife.  I mean Jesus I go to church week after week.  But I feel nothing.  I feel empty. I feel like I am dead to you.  Like you have just forgotten about me.  And I’m scared my Lord.  The truth is Jesus I don’t love you.  I really hate you because you haven’t answered my prayers to give me the strength to break off things with Lydia.  And Lord, you haven’t answered my prayers to just give me some peace, because Lord I am really doing wrong.  I feel like my business has become all about money, and I am not even trying to take care of my employees.  I feel like I am like a zombie on auto pilot. My life is meaningless Lord.  And I really just want to leave you and leave church and just start over.  But Lord I am a Deacon and I just can’t quit that.  What would people think?  Lord I am so scared.  But what I am most afraid of, is that if I stop believing in you that I will go to hell forever.  And I am also scared that if I get out of the lies that I am telling everyone and just come clean, they will reject and judge me and I’ll be left with nothing.  Jesus I need you so badly.  Please hear me.  Help me.  For I am so lost.  Everyone thinks that I have so much together, but I am lost Savior.  And I know that grace is supposed to give us assurance, but I believe in my soul my Lord, that if I die tonight, I will writhe in eternal torment forever.  That’s why I just couldn’t do it.  I am a coward on all levels Savior.”

Adam began to weep, but as he wept he heard a voice rise up in his belly.  The voice said, “Adam I have chosen you and I love you.  I cherish you.  I know that you are cheating on your wife and I still cherish you.  I know that you have lost a sense of mission with your business, and I still cherish you.  I know that you feel trapped between the pain that you feel and the life that you present to others. And I definitely still cherish you.  There is nothing that you can do, which would cause me not to cherish you.

“Lord if you cherish me so much then why are you not answering my prayers.  And doesn’t it say in scripture that if we deny you then you will deny us before your angels.  How can you say that there is nothing I can do to make you stop cherishing me?  I know that if I renounce you or forsake you, then I am bound for hell!! What are you saying Lord?” Adam prayed.  And then Adam began to think to himself, “Oh my God, I’ve really lost it.  Now I am talking to voices as though they are Jesus.  Oh my God, I am really screwed now!!”  But as Adam was having these thoughts he heard the voice again, “Adam, you are not crazy.  The voices you hear is a condition that can be solved with medication.  But I am not those voices, I am your sovereign Lord.”

Then Adam prayed, “Lord how can I trust that it is you talking to me.”  And the voice said, “When you were three years old your Sunday School preschool teacher fondled you and he told you to never tell anyone. And you didn’t.” Adam’s eye’s open wide open!! “Oh my God Lord, it is you!” Adam prayed, “Jesus if you cherish me so much then how come you never gave me the strength to tell Lydia I was married and to be honest with my wife?”  The voice answered, “Perhaps I am answering those prayers now.  Perhaps my speaking to you in this way is an answer to those prayers.”  Adam sighed, a deep sigh of relief and prayed, “Jesus, thank you for talking to me.  I mean thank you so much for talking to a wretched sinner like myself.  But Lord, I am still scared.  Even though you are speaking so gently and kind to me, I fear you Lord.  And scriptures say that ‘the fear of the Lord is the beginning of all wisdom’. But Jesus, I don’t feel wisdom, just dread.”

The voice answered, “Little adam. Little precious Adam.  Let me ask you a question.  Do you believe that you got saved from eternal hell when you confessed me as Lord and Savior?”  Adam prayed, “Yes Lord.”  The voice responded, “So really you believe that your salvation is a function of something you have done by choosing to believe that I am Lord.” “Yes Lord” Adam responded, it says in scripture, “That if we confess with our mouths the Lord Jesus and believe in our hearts that he has been raised from the dead, then we shall be saved!”  The voice answered, “Dear Adam, Paul was one of my greatest servants and he was a genius.  And scripture is holy and true.  But I ask you which is greater? Me or the scripture that writes about me?”  Adam answered, “You Jesus!!”

The voice responded, “Then dear Adam, what if I was to tell you, that what I did on the cross was not a possibility but a finality.  What if I told you Adam that what I did when I died on the cross and rose from the dead was not the creation of the possibility for salvation but was rather something that made your salvation inevitable.  Yes, confession may be part of the process, but my son, what if I was to tell you that because of what I did on that cross so many years ago, not only is your eternal happiness assured, but the eternal happiness of all is an inevitability?”

Adam prayed, “Lord, to be honest.  If that is true, then it is the best thing that I have ever heard in my life!!”  The voice responded, “It is true my son!! I loved all on that cross and my victory on that cross was for all, not some, but all!!!”  Adam felt peace well up within him for the first time in years.  He prayed, “Jesus thank you, I can tell you honestly that I no longer feel lost.  But I truly feel saved.  What can I do for you to express my gratitude for this gift you have given me?”  The voice responded, “My son you can do one thing, you can ask me for Joy, because Joy is the only thing you need to set things right.”  Adam prayed, “Alright Jesus, please give me joy.” And as soon as Adam asked he felt a warm chill going throughout his body, and elation flowing from his belly throughout his body like a geyser.  He prayed, “Jesus when I started talking to you tonight, I thought that you had let me down.  But now I realize that you don’t let any of us down.  You let us learn through the suffering we feel, but you are always there to set us free when the time is right.  I am going  to do what I must!!”  The voice responded, “Well done my Son!! Go do what you must!! But remember my love for you is forever!! And it is impossible for you or anyone else to fall out of my Sovereign mercy and grace!!!”

Adam got off from the floor, grabbed his cell phone and called Lydia.  Lydia picked up the phone, “Hello!” She said.  Adam said, “Lydia, you are a great person, but what we are doing is wrong and it has to stop now.  I will not be calling you or visiting with you again.” Lydia, said, “Adam, I understand.  You’re a kind man and I will miss you.  But I agree that what we have been doing is wrong, and it must come to an end!!  Please pray for me dear friend, because I have to sort some things out, so that this doesn’t happen again.”  Adam responded, “You can count on it Lydia, God Bless You!!!

Adam then went upstairs to his bedroom where his wife was asleep.  He woke her up and said, “Myriam, I have never stopped loving you, but I have been having an extramarital affair for 2 and ½ years.  It is over now.  I accept any decision you make.  Divorce or anything.  But I just ask that you forgive me for betraying the best thing that ever happened to me.

Myriam began to weep.  “Adam!!”  she said.  “Don’t you think I knew?!!!  I’ve known this whole time.  You’re really not that great a liar.  But I love you Adam!! I love you so much that I just didn’t know how to confront you about it.  It will take counseling, but I will forgive you.  Because I know who you are!! I know the good man that you are!!”  Adam grabbed Myriam tight!! And he said, “Myriam, you are truly the best thing that has ever happened to me.  And things will change!! I will cherish you.  I will be totally devoted to you as Jesus is totally devoted to me.  And Myriam, I tell you.  I talked to Jesus tonight.  And he has saved all!! No one goes to hell forever sweet love.  No one!!”  Myriam responded with tears in her eyes, “Adam, I’ve known that for quite a while too and I have been praying for you to see it!!”  Adam grabbed his wife and wept in her arms.  And then he began to feel doubt.  “But Myriam how do we tell the folks at church about this, you know they’ll think we’re crazy.” Myriam laughed, “Dear husband, maybe we don’t have to tell them anything.  Maybe us knowing is enough for now.  Let’s take it slow.  One step of grace at a time”  Adam smiled, “Myriam, you really are much more than I deserve!!”  Myriam laughed, “I know, but isn’t that God’s nature to give us blessings so beautiful that we know in the final analysis that we don’t deserve them.”  Adam laughed, “Yes maam!!  And I’ll tell you Myriam things have to change at Nashville billing too. I’ve got to start getting our employees better benefits, and I’ve got to start finding ways for them to better enjoy their jobs.  Because happy employees are loyal employees!”  And Myriam wept.  “Why are you crying honey?”  Myriam answered, “I’m crying because I feel like for the first time in a long time I am staring at the man that I married.”

Angels We Have Heard on High

By: Woodrow Lucas

Angels we have heard on high,

Blowing trumpets in the sky,

Helping us to breathe a sigh,

Of Joy that we shall never die,

Angels we have heard on high,

Saying love is truth that ties,

Us all as one these tears I cry,

For all the songs that we shall sing,

As we make earth and heaven ring,

With sounds of crack babies getting free,

Through curses fading beneath the feet,

Of evangelists spreading love on streets,

Replete with souls hungry to hear,

That there is nothing nowhere to fear,

As children smile ear to ear,

And brothers share stories over beers,

As Muslims see their Messiah come,

And Christians see that life has won,

As schizophrenics dance at dawn,

Knowing that their pain is gone,

Angels we have heard on high,

Freeing us from dark one’s lies,

Showing all the God within,

That lights our souls and masters sin,

That makes girls ladies and wee ones men,

That chants Om Hari Hari Om,

And tunes into abundance tones,

That helps us stay faithful to our wives,

That guides our hearts throughout our lives,

That helps our spirits come alive,

Awakening to calls to rise,

Angels we have heard on high,

Speaking of a God of Love,

Above, below, within and everywhere,

Waiting to embrace with grace in hands to share,

Angels we have heard on high,

Blowing trumpets in the sky,

Helping us to breathe a sigh,

That we are safe in the hands of God,

And God won’t let us down,

That true we may feel oh so lost,

But to God we’re already found,

Angels we have heard on high,

Chanting oh so powerfully,

Of love’s everlasting victory,

And Love’s wondrous choice after Adam’s fall,

To send us a Savior who has saved us all!

When I Think of Babes Asleep in Bed

By: Woodrow Lucas

When I think of babes asleep in bed,

I think of tears I long to shed,

I think of the innocence in us all,

To cry and laugh and fall,

And get back up,

To endure in good times and times that are rough,

When I think of babes asleep in bed,

I think of alcoholic mothers getting healed,

So they can have the joy only the Holy Ghost makes us feel,

When I think of babes asleep in bed,

I think of heroines like Joan of Arc,

Who fought for light against the dark,

I think of men like Gandhi too,

Who made nonviolence into a cherished view,

When I think of babes asleep in bed,

I think of you and that smile you form,

When you hear a compliment about something you’ve worn,

I haven’t met you yet oh wife of mine,

But I know that we shall be one in time,

And I know that we shall shine,

Like the noonday sun,

And I know that we shall be together no matter what comes,

When I think of babes asleep in bed,

I think of the moon on starry nights,

I think of Eagles taking flight,

I think of those who fight for light,

I think of you dear children,

The miracle that God, your mother and I made,

I think of you in happy states, I think of you relaxing in shade,

I think of sunsets and beauty’s rays,

I think of wondrous days ahead,

This is how I think, when I consider babes asleep in bed,

I think of truths I’ve longed to know,

I think of butterflies flying to and fro,

I think of life in all its mystery,

I think of God who has allowed me to see,

Her love for all and our common destiny,

When I think of babes asleep in bed,

I think of trees that comfort us throughout life,

I think of peace bringing an end to strife,

I think of things my parents said when I was young,

I think of them tellin me, “Always try your best my son”

I think of tormented souls set free,

I think of blind men who dare to see,

The hope of love in all they hear,

And their courage to hold us seeing folks dear,

When I think of babes asleep in bed,

I think of the deaf and their beauty to hear,

A symphony in smiles and signs made just for them,

When I think of babes asleep in bed,

I think of men who’ve been paralyzed,

Who find great joy in children’s eyes,

When I think of babes asleep in bed,

I think of my uncle Woody dead,

Who I shall see again in splendor great,

And he shall embrace me and say well done namesake,

When I think of babes asleep in bed,

I think of all the music we’ll make,

As we praise the Lamb for the rest of time,

Oh babes in bed, fear not this life for it is your destiny to rise and shine!

Oh babes in bed, fear not this life, it is just a glorious time to learn,

And once you’ve learned enough you’ll rise,

Like billowy clouds forming from fog into the sky,

And you’ll know no more pain and your tears will be of joy,

When you rise from this slumber, when you rise from youth,

You will see the glory of your soul unloosed,

And you will fly like the angels from sun to sun,

Knowing that life’s trial you’ve won,

And that your time of toil is done,

When I think of babes asleep in bed,

I think of a future that’s already done,

For because of Jesus, the lives they shall live, they have already won,

And soon they shall rise from slumber to embrace the risen Son,

When I think of babes asleep in bed,

I think of a hope that shall never die,

That every soul who has breathed this earth’s air shall rise!!!

Birds of Flight

By: Woodrow Lucas

Wounded soul, I see you, I tell you you’re in the light,

As you writhe in unknown torment and live in fright of the night,

I see you feeling lost and discarded, as though no one sheds a tear,

As they see you suffering cold in the street, year after year,

But I tell you wounded bird, afraid in day and night,

God knows your name, God knows your pain, and God says you’re a bird of flight,

For your wounds are a type of training so that soon all the world will see,

The glory of you rising, rising like an eagle across the sea,

Wounded soul, I see you, as you feel the deafening pain,

Of the lamb of God who loved us all enough to be slain,

I know right now you feel insane,

I know right now you feel the rain,

But soon the sun will shine in your life,

And you will be free from the strife within,

And all will marvel at your glory, the glory that shines in great men,

Very soon now blessed bird,

You are about to take flight,

And you will be a master soul, like an angel in the night,

Take heart my wounded sister,

For soon your fright shall end,

And you will know God’s glory, the glory that shines in men,

And you will be a beacon, a beacon of God’s might,

For you dear one are chosen, you are a bird of flight,

And soon you will soar with the eagles, high flying with the clouds in the sky,

Soon my wounded sister, the light God’s been building in you will rise,

And none shall be able to question the brilliance of your light,

For you chosen few who suffer, you are God’s birds of flight,

So hold onto to the Son with all you have despite cold rainy nights,

For soon your light will shine like the stars and none will question with words of spite,

For they will know beyond a doubt, that God’s been with you from the start,

And that God chose you from the womb because of the beauty of your heart,

So fear not dear wounded sister for soon your wounds will heal,

And you will show the world around, that God’s love is really real,

For your compassion shall heal the masses from their ignorance and fright,

Fear not the night great soldier for you are a bird of flight,

And soon dear brother the pain you feel will be a distant memory,

And you will see the rising tide of children in joy and glee,

And you will know that you played a part in God’s great plan for all,

That allowed you to suffer so that you could help others that fall,

So fear not dear sister for soon your time shall come,

And all will see your glory, the glory of a rising Son,

And you will shed tears of healing,

And you will shed tears of might,

For your tears will be a river that baptizes souls in the night,

And you will know God’s fury, the fury of her love,

For any wounded child, for any wounded dove,

Right now your wings are wounded and you find it hard to fly,

But soon you shall be a beacon of hope, of hope for those who want to die,

And all the world will praise you, just like they praise the risen Son,

And you shall be a part of God’s plan to make his children one,

You shall rise like the sun,

You shall fight and you shall run, this race like a great inferno,

You shall fly and you shall rage,

Like a burning sage for this age,

Burning for the souls that feel,

The pain of this world’s rejection and of hatred’s foreign zeal,

Wounded dove of love fear not dear soul,

For your wounded for a reason,

And when your whole like the phases of the moon you’ll birth on earth a new season,

A season of reason,

A season of light,

A season of victory over the fright,

That currently haunts you day and night,

Fear not wounded dove of love, soon all shall see your light,

For you have suffered for a reason, as a chosen bird of flight,

And soon you shall fly with the clouds above,

And all shall marvel greatly at the glory of your love,

But for now just know that your season of torment is coming to an end,

And soon you’ll show the world that All God’s children win,

But until then, hope on forward against the terror of the night,

For you wounded dove of God’s great love, you are a bird of flight!!

I Speak a Heresy

By: Woodrow Odom Lucas

My friends I’m here to speak a heresy,

But I speak a heresy that’s wondrous, that’s thunderous,

That’s various and sundrous,

That’s everywhere and esoteric,

That burns so bright within me, that I must declare it,

I speak a heresy that forces you to question preconceived party lines,

That you have heard passed down by powers and rulers throughout time,

I speak of a Savior so humble that he needs that none confess,

I speak of a Savior so humble that he would rather free us from stress,

Than give us perfect thoughts like answers on a test,

I speak of women in labor, who know their children are safe,

Instead of headed to torment, to live as discarded wraiths,

I speak of a Jewish man from Israel and a Muslim woman from Palestine,

Coming together in marital bliss and love, marital bliss and love for all time,

I speak of homesexuals with Aids on death beds with no fear,

Because they know they’re heaven bound and that to their God they are dear,

And then I speak of pentacostals speaking over them in tongues,

And laughing in joyful praise as life comes back into their lungs,

I speak of blessed sisters who believe in eternal hell, succeeding, prospering, happy, and feeling well,

I speak of fools in folly,

I speak of wise in truth,

I speak of both, dancing in glee on the tops of roofs,

I speak of a kind of mercy that goes beyond belief,

I speak of Dad’s and Stepdad’s together hanging Christmas wreathes,

And you may call this a heresy, but to me it’s all I see,

Because love is all that matters, all that matters is you and me,

Seeing the love in each other as fundamentalists and atheists too,

All that matters is the love between us,

All that matters is I love you too,

You see this heresy is not a principle, it’s just a simple pledge,

To love with all we have, to love beyond reason’s edge,

And once we’ve loved enough, we’ll be untouchable, like Gay men coming of age,

We’ll be as characters of light, shining off of a blessed page,

In the book of life of the mighty lamb who for all of us was slain,

In the book of life of the mighty lion, the lion who endured our pain,

Where all names are written, where all souls abide,

Where we grab each other’s hands along this life’s wild ride,

And we hold unflinching to the love inside, abiding,

A love that burns so brightly, it is the reason for these words I’m writing,

This heresy is not a concept, it is not just an idea,

It is me telling you I love you and there is nothing to fear,

And I will proclaim this love within, until the day I die,

Because in the end, we all win, and all God’s creatures rise!!

This Autumn

By: Woodrow Odom Lucas


I can see technicolor sunsets,

And mothers with their babes,

I see my next door neighbors,

Smiling at the end of days,

I can see small bits of yellow and orange on the leaves,

I can see couples getting married in parks beneath the trees,

I see Muslim women covered in grace from head to toe,

I see little children singing as they sway to and fro,

I see men I used to see in stupors on the street,

In Luxury apartments replete with pants and shirts with pleats,

I see rainbows round the moon, caressing clouds above,

I see young bohemians falling in love,

I see doves along the highway as men give each other jumps,

I see breast cancer victims rejoicing by the disappearance of their lumps,

I see people who once heard voices, enshrined by the sound of praise,

I see joy overshadowing the shadow of malaise,

I see a gentle chill beginning to form in the air,

Portending of a Christmas where all of us can share,

The gifts that God has given us,

The gifts that make us shine,

I can feel it all around me,

The season that we’re in,

Where men embrace each other and friend reconciles with friend,

This fall like any Autumn has the smell of harvest fruit,

But there is some wondrous stirring in this season of this year,

It is so wondrous it makes me chilly and it helps me shed a tear,

For I can feel a great awakening appearing all around,

Where women, embrace their mothers and children play with glee,

I can feel a harvest reaping and sorrow eclipsed by raging sea,

And as the waves break by the horizon and the foam washes away our pain,

I can see my savior rising,

In the wounded souls of man,

I can see hardships forgotten, by time’s gentle merciful sands,

For this is a season of harvest like the world has never seen,

This Autumn the stuff of Christmas awakens us to a dream,

Of beauty we have longed for, for many many days,

This Autumn, time grabs us and says your waiting is now spent,

You have endured and you have prevailed,

It is now the time for peace and for ships of laughter to sail,

And I tell you, I can feel it,

My long journey’s end,

From a world of alienation to God’s full embrace,

I tell you this Autumn like no other is our season of Grace!!

Genesis Revisited

By: Woodrow Odom Lucas

In the beginning, the very beginning, there was a great void and a mind.  A mind that has existed from before consciousness.  And this mind was male and female.  And it existed in the brilliance of its own imagining forever and ever and ever.  And out of this mind, flowed a heart.  A heart that was male and female, and proclaimed the sound of love eternal.  And out of this love eternal flowed two children.  The King and Queen of Heaven.  Some call this King Jesus and some call this Queen the Holy Spirit.  And together, this mind and this heart, the Creator of all things and her children Jesus and the Holy Spirit, sang harmonies of blissful reckoning that made the multiverse.  Dimension after dimension of beauty flowed out of the song of this family. The Creator, male and female and his progeny Jesus and the Holy Spirit.  And these metaphors flowed into a Creation, a multiverse of dimensional bliss.  And out of this dimensional bliss, living matter came into being.  Living water.  Living trees. Living mountains. Living clouds. Living stars. Living quarks.  Living protons.  Living neutrons.  Living rivers.  Living imaginations.  Living causal and astral beings came into being from the sound of The Creator, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit singing their harmonies of gratitude for being into reality.  For every thought was a song, and every song, was a life, a symphony created from the beginning of all things to sing the praise of love forever.


In the beginning, the very beginning, there was a great void and a Creator. Imagining beautiful things into reality.  Receiving the praise of his progeny, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, the King and Queen of Heaven.  And out of this beauty mermaids and angels and guides and geniuses and rock stars flowed from their majesty.  And religions all over the multiverse began to form.  Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Christianity, Wiccan, Buddhism, Atheism, Agnosticism, Scientology, Pop Music, Hip Hop, and Classic Rock began to manifest all over the creation and people sang songs of worship to the Lamb of God for his sacrifice that was, that is, and that is to come.  Some fasted for Ramadan, and others spoke in tongues.  But all knew the endless bliss of harmony.


In the beginning, the very  beginning, there was harmony and endless bliss.  And our triune God, Vishnu, Siva, and Krishna sang a song of endless bodhisattvas, sacrificing Nirvana to guide young saints to the light.  But then the people of God saw a great star in the sky, called the knowledge of Good and Evil.  And they started to worship the star instead of God.  And as they worshipped the star of the knowledge of Good and Evil they began to create from their own power, horrific beings of darkness.  For Evil was a knowledge never to be worshipped.


In the beginning, the very beginning, there was harmony and endless bliss.   And our triune God, Mother Earth, Father Sky, and the water of rivers and streams sang a song of harmony.  And all the earth and all of its people sang praises to their risen Savior.  The man who Allah calls Son.  The man who sacrificed all for all.  So that all could be free from the knowledge of Good and Evil.   But the people of earth, started to worship the knowledge of Good and Evil more than God and with this knowledge they created horrific beings of darkness out of their own power.  And these beings began to bring disharmony, and death, and accusation, and hatred to the earth.  And all of the power that God had given Woman started to turn in on itself and there was disease and death for centuries.  And people worshipped knowledge more than God.  And they made a book, called the Bible and they worshipped it as though it was God.


In the beginning, the very beginning, there was harmony and endless bliss.  And all the creatures of the multiverse, as diverse and unique as the stars in the sky, sang a song of harmony.  In creativity and technology and power and love and sexuality they sang their praise to Allah, the male and female creator and her progeny, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.  But a star in the sky was so dark, that it captivated their wills and they worshiped this star of the Knowledge of Good and Evil and they made a book and called it the Koran, and they worshipped it as though it was God.  And as they worshipped this book, they created demons of death and despair from their own power.  And these demons deceived them into thinking that God was a wrathful, judgmental God and so they became wrathful and judgmental.


In the beginning, the very beginning, there was harmony and endless diversity.  Some called God Allah .  Some Called her Holy Spirit.  Some called her Mother Earth.  Some called her the Great Beloved.  But all loved her.  And because they loved her, they loved themselves and loved each other.  But a star of Knowledge appeared in their consciousness, the star of the knowledge of Good and Evil.  And they worshipped the star more than God, and created insecurities and self-hatred, and accusation out of their own power.  And they began to curse each other.  And forget that for now we see as through a glass darkly but then face to face, for now we know in part but then we shall know as we are known.

In the beginning, there was God and all the creatures of the multiverse and endless light for eons and eons of light years.  And there was music.  There was Tribe Called Quest, Nat King Cole, Eddie Brickel and the New Bohemians, The Doors, and Janice Joplin.  And all of the bodhisattvas of God sang mystery upon mystery to the cosmos.  And the cosmos answered back with great explosions of praise, in the form of suns of love, joy, and peace manifesting in an instant.  But the creatures of the multiverse, saw a star in the sky called the Knowledge of Good and Evil.  And the creatures were captivated by this star. So captivated that they began to worship this star of the knowledge of Good and Evil and they created great darkness out of their own power.  And this darkness began to torment them day and night.  And the bodhisattvas of God cried out to Mother Sky and they said, “Father God, the creatures we guide are in torment and the darkness they created from their confusion haunts them day and night.  We need you to do something, for we have vowed not to enter Nirvana until they are free!!”  And it is at this moment, that the Lamb spoke a thunderous sound throughout creation, he said, “Mother, it is time.  It is time for me to make the sacrifice that we saw from the beginning of endless sunrises.  You must make me as man, an ignorant infant on one of the most primitive planets in the multiverse.  And I will live a life of torment at the hands of these imaginations that our ignorant children have created out of their confusion.  And I will die at their hands.  And embrace darkness and make it my own.  I will inhale their darknesss so that one day, all shall be light once more.”  And Allah heard him and said, “Son, you are mighty and brave to make yourself as an infant when you have been from before the beginning.  Go to this planet earth, and redeem creation, as we knew you must from before the beginning.  I will let you go, for I know you will prevail.  But I will send your Queen with you and she shall be a comfort to you as you suffer.


In the beginning, the very beginning, there was the sound of music.  And all danced endless dances of harmonious embrace.  But the creatures of God, in their confusion imagined a great darkness into reality with their power.  And God in her infinite mercy would not force her love upon their will.  And so they suffered.  But when the angels of God could bear no more.  The Lion of Judah and his Queen the Holy Spirit descended upon a small primitive planet called Earth.  And the Lion suffered, for he was remade as an infant with only a distant memory of his past love, power, and soundness of mind.  And he lived among infants, fighting with every breath to regain the Christ consciousness that he required to save them.  And they in their confusion nailed him to a cross.  All darkness came to torment him.  For darkness knew that he was its ending.  And darkness was terrified of him.  And as Jesus embraced the darkness of all things on the cross, he spoke these words,”

Children of light it is for you that I fight,

For I am not the monster that would send you to endless hell,

I am the light of God incarnate that came to make you well,

Children of light it is for you that I fight,

For you are too young to be held accountable for this wrong,

You were made for song,

You were made to be strong,

You were made to live long,

You were made to see the sun in the sky,

And rejoice in its warmth and never die,

I am the lamb, I am the King of all things,

But even I serve love, to whom the angels sing,

I love you, I am not a tyrant,

And you are not fools,

Let go of your letter with its judgmental rules,

Just love and do no harm,

And all will be right,

For it is for you, my children, my infants that I fight,

I promise you, you’ll make it,

For I never had a doubt,

In your destiny forthcoming,

To in blissful resonance shout,

Praises to me with the name that you know,

And grow in your love and reap love as you sow,

And don’t fear,

For it is out of my love and not my wrath that I am here,

For my wrath is but a moment, because it really is not true,

My wrath, is nothing more than you hating you,

You are made in my image,

And that image won’t fail,

Love cannot be beaten and love will prevail

Children of light it is for you that I fight,

And I’ve won, for darkness is but an illusion that all will overcome,

I’ve seen it from the beginning , and now it is fact,

You live to rule,

You live to dream,

You live to dance,

You live for freedom and my timing is exact,

For your confusion was but a moment,

In your everlasting song,

An opportunity for you to learn right from wrong,

Your suffering was a creation of your own growing pains,

But soon your joy will outstretch horrors stains,

For in the end all will make it,

And it’s true, I’ve made it so,

Live life it is a moment so you can learn and show,

The creation a light so beautiful that it glories you forever,

Have no fear my children for we soon we shall be together,

And the Knowledge of good and evil will be in our distant past,

As we all sit together and drink of love’s repast.”

And after Jesus finished speaking.  He gave up the ghost.  And descended to deeper darkness to preach the gospel to hell’s host.  And then on the third day, he rose.  And rose again.  And ascended to his mother to receive the joy she had.  For a son, who loved his son’s so much that he died and rose for them.


And at first, there was great confusion.  For the children of God had a difficult time letting go of the knowledge of Good and Evil.  They kept worshipping their Bible’s and Koran’s as though they were God. And there were many wars.  But the Lamb’s successful sacrifice was final and complete.  And so as time passed, love began to rise up in the daughters of man.  And human kind, began to realize that now we see as through a glass darkly and then face to face, that now we know in part and then we shall know even as we are known.  And this began to happen throughout all the planets and dimensions of the multiverse.  And the great bodhissatvas of our time, rejoiced and cried tears of Joy.  For Nirvana was finally theirs.  And all creation sang a new song.  Different lyrics.  Different understandings.  But one euphonious sound of Joy!!!!

In the beginning, the very beginning, there was a great void and a mind.  A mind that has existed from before consciousness.  And this mind was male and female.  And it existed in the brilliance of its own imagining forever and ever and ever.  And out of this mind, flowed a heart.  A heart that was male and female, and proclaimed the sound of love eternal.  And out of this love eternal flowed two children.  The King and Queen of Heaven.  Some call this King Jesus and some call this Queen the Holy Spirit.  And together, this mind and this heart, the Creator of all things and her children Jesus and the Holy Spirit, sang harmonies of blissful reckoning that made the multiverse.  Dimension after dimension of beauty flowed out of the song of this family. The Creator, male and female and his progeny Jesus and the Holy Spirit.  And these metaphors flowed into a Creation, a multiverse of dimensional bliss.  And out of this dimensional bliss, living matter came into being.  Living water.  Living trees. Living mountains. Living clouds. Living stars. Living quarks.  Living protons.  Living neutrons.  Living rivers.  Living imaginations.  Living causal and astral beings came into being from the sound of The Creator, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit singing their harmonies of gratitude for being into reality.  For every thought was a song, and every song, was a life, a symphony created from the beginning of all things to sing the praise of love forever.  And out of this symphony, among the glorious creatures of the multiverse, human kind came into being.  And for a little while, human kind lost its way.  But all things work together for good for those who love the Lord and are called according to his purpose.  And so human kind, found it’s center and became a glorious beacon of light for all creation.  For deep down we all love the Lord and are called according to her purpose.  I mean think about it?  Who can help loving a God who loves us as much as she does?