Loving What IS

Often, when we give our lives to God in a sincere way, the first thing he hits us with is the pocket book. God often tests us through short bouts of poverty to train us to have compassion for those with less.  The second thing that God often does, is he alerts us to all of the injustice and suffering in the world so that we can submit to him as vessels to engage that suffering and injustice with love.  Unfortunately, this is a dangerous time, because you can become so involved in fighting for justice, equity, and kindness that a frustration sets which can cause you to begin to hate the world that you initially wanted to save.  When this happens, I think back to a message that God gave me early in my ministry.  The intuition through he spoke to me stated, “You hate what is, because you love what should be.  Love what is and it will be as it should be.”  This does not entail blinding our eyes to the things that are wrong in our society, but it does, especially on the individual level compel us to engage those wrongs with the only thing that works, love.  It often entails celebrating the beauty of the people and societies around us, such that we have a vision of how things can be, pulling inspiration and joy from the past, enjoying love in the moment, and reaching forth with hope to the dreams that God would have us dream for a better tomorrow, both individually and collectively.

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