We All Believe in Jesus

We All Believe in Jesus

In the earthly realm we can become obsessed with the ideas of identity, separation, distinction, and uniqueness.  We often hate and persecute each other based on these four concepts.  But in the heavenly dimensions, the higher dimensions, which encompass this dimension but which also go beyond it I do not believe that they define the ideas of identity, separation, distinction, and uniqueness in the way that we do, I believe that although the realities of identity, separation, distinction, and uniqueness exist in the heavenly realms, they are much more fluid and beautiful and profound than we have come to understand them and operate in them on the earth.

Now, that being said, I still believe in Jesus as truly unique among beings.  I believe in him as more than a master soul and yet he was a master soul.  I believe in him as more than a prophet, and yet he was a prophet.  I believe in him as more than a social activist and yet he was a social activist.  In truth, I do not believe that he is any in way separate from the Mother-Father who sent him, or the Holy Spirit that testifies of him and yet though he is not separate from these entities, he is still in some sublime mystery very much distinct and unique from them and still very much retains the identity which he had as the Creator of our universe, the man who lived and made mistakes among us, the man who died so that all of us could know wholeness, and the man who ascended to heaven in his earthly body.  Now many great men and women have ascended to heaven in their earthly bodies from every culture in the world.  And many great men and women have done profound miracles and have learned to do incredible things with their bodies such as teleport, heal at will, speak telepathically, create material things out of the ether, levitate, affect the weather, create life, move objects without touching them to name a few, and most importantly rightly prioritize the ego so as to become living embodiments of love and awareness.  But still, I do not believe that any of these incredible souls are like Jesus.  Jesus is something so profound that he defies description and yet he embraces any loving description of him.

And yet, there are times in my life when I have been confused about how great souls like Ghandi, Babaji, Black Elk, and so many other women and men who learned the ways of love to accomplish profound feats on this planet could have done so without esteeming Jesus with the esteem that I have for him.  But every time I lack understanding concerning this, God reminds me, “My son you are on the earth and the earth is a place of polarities and extremes sometimes.  It can very easily become a place of rigid good and evil, strict and unmerciful right and wrong, prejudiced and unjust black and white, archaic and unenlightened high and low, and cruel and imbalanced rich and poor.  Look beyond the polarities and extremes that you see my son, and it is there that you will obtain the understanding that you are looking for. “

And so to understand how others can seem to know Jesus much better than me without having the esteem that I have for him, the metaphor of a ruler comes to my mind.  Measurement is one of God’s greatest gifts to us, as are science, and observation, and technology, and human thought and understanding.  There is no reason to juxtapose science, observation, technology, and the beauty of human science against God, as all of these are gifts from God.  No matter what culture or history they derive from, they are always gifts from God.  The problems begin when we begin to lose a sense of priority concerning these gifts.  If we begin to prioritize science and observation over God, then we truly begin to go into the condition of functional insanity wherein we are worshipping a gift as our solution as though it can ever be a true solution when separated from the one who gave us this gift.  It is the same thing with our anatomy.  All human beings are divine beings who possess several things to include but not limited to an ego, a self, a soul, a spirit, and a body with organs, cells, chakras, meridians, and countless other components.  But if we began to prioritize our consciousness such that our self or our ego have higher priority than God or our spirits then again we begin to have problems.  There is nothing wrong with our ego or our self, these things just must be rightly prioritized.

So again, the ruler, a beautiful symbol of the incredible science that we have begun to develop is how I understand the phenomenon of individuals who seem to master their souls far beyond my current mastery without esteeming Jesus as highly as I do.  The ruler is a measurement of the unit measure of a foot and is comprised of 12 smaller measurements termed inches.  Now you know how close you are coming to the full measure of a foot, by how many inches you traverse along the face of the ruler.  If you traverse 3 inches then you have traveled one fourth the way to your destination and so on and so forth.  It is the same thing with esteem for Jesus.  The extremes of “I believe in Jesus or I do not believe in Jesus” are inappropriate polarities that will often bring confusion.  Rather it is in the measurement of the ruler that we begin to understand.  Some people do not believe that Jesus existed, but may view him as a nice idea, I would say that these individuals have a belief in Jesus measurement of about a `1.  Some people believe that he was a really nice guy but not really much special to him, I would give these people a belief in Jesus measurement of a 2.  Some people believe that Jesus was a great soul who God sent to show us what the human soul could accomplish, I would give these people a Jesus measure of maybe an 8.  And some people believe in Jesus as the Son of God who was, who is, and who is to come I would give these people a belief measure of about a 10.  I believe that perhaps to get a belief measure of a 12, you would have to know so many things about Jesus that you might have to have travelled to heavenly realms before you could know enough to get a 12.

Now these belief measures are only measures of belief in Jesus, they are not measures of goodness or maturity or loving inclination.  But these measures demonstrate that just because someone does not view Jesus as the Son of God does not mean that they don’t believe in Jesus.  Similarly, I believe that many souls are so on fire for love, that it does not take much belief in Jesus for them to become and do extraordinary things.  I think that for some souls, just believing in the idea of love will enable them to accomplish a lot.  So now extrapolating to more general understandings, WE ALL ON SOME LEVEL BELIEVE IN JESUS.  If you believe in the beauty of love, then in some way you also believe in Jesus because Jesus personified love. If you believe in justice, then because Jesus invented Justice you believe in Jesus.  If you believe in the beauty of a mother breast feeding her baby, then you too believe in Jesus.  WE ALL BELIEVE IN JESUS.

All of this being said, I still believe that there is something really special about confessing Jesus as Lord and Savior, reveling in the beauty of his sacrifice on the cross, embracing his resurrection from the dead and his subsequent ascension back into heavenly realms, and giving everything that you are back to him, the author and finisher of your faith.  I do not believe that giving your life to Jesus makes you better than anyone else, because there are too many dimensions of good and evil that comprise us to really ever get a good gauge of who is better than who.  I do not believe that giving your life to Jesus saves you from eternal hell, because I believe that eternal hell is a pernicious delusion that stems in part from our reptilian tendency to theorize and imagine over linearized extremes instead of God’s beautiful multidimensional moderation.  I do not believe that giving your life to Jesus assures an easy life, because although receiving his cross heals you and protects you from a great many things, you might be chosen by God to endure a cross so that others do not have to.  But I do believe that giving your life to Jesus, gives you a journey in life that is so unique and tremendously beautifully that when you finish it, you will be glad that you took it.  And lastly, I truly believe that there is something so unique to Jesus as our creator and God who is both one with and distinct from his creator and God that we will all come to one day know him in the fullness of who he is.  So if you are an atheist and you are convinced that there is nothing at all out there save what you can see, just rest assured that someone loves you whether you know them or not, and just accept that if you have ever wondered at the beauty of a sunset, then you too believe in Jesus.

God Bless and Love Always,

Woody Lucas

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