The Pain of Jesus

If you want to know why people hate, if you want to know why gangbangers deal drugs to people in their own community and destroy people’s lives for money, if you want to know why Corporate CEO’s make decisions to pollute entire neighborhoods and proliferate disease into the lives of people who are already desperate, if you want to know why terrorists in the Philippines kidnap Christian Missionaries and torture them to the point where they beg for their own deaths, if you want to know why serial killers kidnap women and abuse them in ways so horrific that those women slit their own throats as soon as they find opportunity, then I suggest that you love to a point where the pain of that love consumes you.  Then you will realize that hatred and vengeance and the commitment to terrorize others feels better in many cases than the pain of loving your enemies, doing good to them that hate you, and praying for those who despitefully use you and persecute you.  Love feels good a lot of the time, but love can also bring a torment that is indescribable.  And so many souls, choose to hate, they choose to terrorize others over surrendering to the almighty and dealing with the pain within.  I have read about amazing people like Yogananda and Babaji who had great wisdom, and great power, and great love but they chose the path of renunciation.  They chose the path of loving others and themselves yes, but not really loving to the extremes that bring torment.

If you want a reason to believe in Jesus, if you want a reason to serve him, then this reason is one of the best.  Jesus felt the same pain as a gang banger who was raped by his father repeatedly in youth and harassed by the society around him to such an extreme that he decided to give up on love altogether and embrace a life of violence, greed, and vengeance.  Jesus felt the same pain as a terrorist in the Philippines who became so enraged by the injustice of western nations invading and exploiting his land that he chose to embrace a life of terrorizing others in a perverse attempt to bring liberation to his people.  Jesus didn’t just love like an evolved and wise master soul who does miracles and dwells in the bliss of ecstasy, Jesus loved to the extremes.  Jesus loved until the pain was so great that he had to sweat blood to overcome it and do what he was commissioned to do.  If you want a reason to believe in Jesus, this is the reason.  Jesus felt the pain of extreme love and it did not overcome him, but rather he overcame it and saved us all.

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