The Threat of Satan

The other day, I was reading, “Autobiography of a Yogi” and came across a passage wherein a great Yogi’s, Lahiri Mahasaya’s, disciple kept getting sick when he Lahiri told him he was going to get sick, and kept getting better whenever Lahiri told him that he was going to get better.  This supports the notion that we at least in part can influence our future as a function of what we believe is going to happen.  So when Jesus told Peter that he would betray him before the cock crows three times, that could have been a function of Jesus spreading the negativity that he felt in expectation of his triumph on the cross to his disciple Peter, and then Peter living out that negativity once it had been suggested.  All of this leads me to assert that “The threat of Satan” is often Satan himself.  So if you here words of prophecy or prognostication like, “You are going to be tested,” “Trial is coming your way,” “You are about to get sick,” “The World is about to end.” I believe that it usually best to ignore these messages and focus on the reality that God is always willing to give good things to his children who  ask for them.  And that goes for our health and wellness as well as our circumstances.  Don’t ever forget Jesus’ promise that if you have the faith of the grain of a mustard seed, you can speak to the mountain and it can be moved.  Tabling my excitement at the idea of “moving objects without touching them” through our faith, for another post, stay positive, stay optimistic, believe and see the good, it will help your faith and make you more effective.  Choose to live by faith and not fear or worry, and walk in peace everlasting!!!

Thanks mucho,

Woody Lucas

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