A Note on New Year’s Eve

A Note on New Year’s Eve

Many times in life, we take for granted the simple processes that God has set in motion in our bodies.  Things like breathing, falling to sleep, resting in our minds, waking up, and moving our bodies come easily to most of us in our youth and so we tend to take these things for granted.  But when illness arises and these processes become less automatic, then we begin to see just how fragile we are as beings and just how fragile our consciousness can be in the cosmic schema.

In consideration of our apparent fragility, even in the face of the paradox that our spirits are indestructible, time is something that we need to consider as a formidable ally.  In truth, time is merely a construct of relative motion.  Our days are a function of the earth spinning on its axis one time.  Our years are a function of the earth revolving around the sun one time.  But it is my belief that this construct is so vital to our earthly lives and our enduring sanity that God not only honors it but has given it to us as a gift. No matter how arbitrary or random our holidays or measures of time may seem, it is important to remember that God honors them.  God honors the winter solstice.  God honors Kwanza.  God honors Christmas.  God honors Hanukkah.  God honors Halloween.  No matter what the celebration, no matter how idiotic the purpose of the celebration may seem, you can trust that God honors our attempts to mark the passing of time with celebration and to give ourselves opportunities to pass from one phase of life to another.

So as the New Year approaches, consider with joy, that God honors this idea of personal resurrection that we have termed “the New Year’s resolution.”  So as the New Year approaches, consider with joy, that God really might do something spectacular for you as you pass from one year, 2014, into the next, 2015.  As the New Year approaches, consider with joy, that the passing from 2014 to 2015 might just be the most miraculous and painless rite of passage that you have ever experienced and that 2015 might just be the year that all your dreams come true.  Be Blessed and Enjoy!!!! Woody

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