The Music City Marathon

By: Woodrow Odom Lucas

The Woman crossed the finished line, barely able to breathe or stand.  Her body felt as though it may never function correctly again.  And yet in the midst of the exhaustion and pain, she was totally elated.  Her husband rushed to her.  “26 miles baby!! You did it 26 miles!!”  She thought back 2 years to when she weighed 378 Ibs.  She thought back to a year ago, when she was first beginning to train.  She was discouraged, in the grocery store about to binge on potato chips.  And just as she was entering into the snack aisle a strange man in shorts walked up to her and said, “Hello Mam, do you believe in God?”  She replied, “Yes,”  Then the man said to her, “Then don’t give up!!! You have come too far to give up!!! With God nothing shall be impossible.”  The woman began to cry.  But when she looked up to thank the man, he had walked away.  From that moment forward, the woman had many ups and downs in her quest to run the music city marathon.  But never again, did she doubt her ability to do it….

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