The Brain – A Mystery to be Discovered

By: Woodrow Odom Lucas

Very soon I will be the Executive Director of the Brain Injury Association of Tennessee.  While researching brain injury, I was struck by the sense of immutability that surrounds brain injury.  When individuals suffer serious injuries to the brain, the word acceptance is used often, but the word hope, if it is used, is almost never used in reference to their brains healing from the trauma.


I remember when I was first diagnosed with mental illness.  After a period of about a year of accepting the dismal narrative that was I was given by my doctors.  I received a “baptism of the holy spirit” and have been convinced ever since that I will “beat” mental illness and the demonic oppression that often accompanies it.  For 14 years now, I have never flinched from my commitment to be 100% functional and symptom free.  And truth be told, I have made miraculous progress toward that end.


So as I begin to wrestle with the phenomenon of “brain injury” I am embracing the word “acceptance” like I never have before.  And I am trying to find ways to improve the lives of individuals with Brain Injury without necessarily addressing actual healing coming to their brains.  But I must be honest.  The God I serve is a God with whom all things are possible.  And the healing potential of the Body is nothing short of infinite.  So although it is not a top priority right now, I truly believe that someway, somehow, faith and science together will discover the uncharted mysteries of the brain, and the key to unlock its infinite potential for healing and only God knows what else.

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