The Still Small Voice!

By: Woodrow Odom Lucas

I laid down in the bed terrified,

I felt like something was trying to take over my mind,

I could hear 2 and 3 sets of thoughts in my head,

My stomach was spasming uncontrollably,

I could not satiate my overwhelming desire to die and be free of the torment,

And I heard a still small voice in my consciousness say, “Woody, I’m here, and where I am you are safe”

And for the next 3 hours that still small voice talked me out of a madness that I wish on no one.

This experience has happened over 100 times in the past 3 years.

Over 100 times I have felt tormenting madness, and over 100 times a still small voice has talked me out of it.

Guiding me to the left and to the right.

Is the still small voice God?  Is it an  angel?  Is it a higher form of myself?  Is it a figment of my imagination?  Is it a nefarious force trying to deceive me? Is it a creation of a troubled mind?

I think at different points over the last three years, it has been all of the above.

But it has guided me to a point where I am on the brink of my goal to be 100% functional and symptom free on meds.

And when I am free, I will free others.

You can count on it.

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