The Plan

By: Woodrow Odom Lucas

Demon 1 – Oh my God!! He’s done it!!! He’s risen!! Oh crap!! We are so screwed!!!  That crazy man actually did it!! He rose from the dead after dying a violent death!! What do we do now?  We are definitely in it!! I mean bro!! We got a problem!!!

Demon 2 – I don’t know?! I guess we’re just screwed?! I mean I’m at a loss?!

Demon 1 – I know!! Let’s kill all of his followers!! Then there will be no one left who knows!

Demon 2 – No! That will just make them martyrs and the faith will spread like wild fire!!

Demon 1 – No bro!! I’ve got!! I’ve got it!! Let’s sow seeds of ignorance and fear among his followers.  Let’s convince them that he’s unforgiving and will condemn all unworthy servants to the torment that awaits us!!!

Demon 2 – Yes!! Yes!! That’s brilliant!! We’ll convince all of his followers that homosexuals are of the devil!! We’ll convince them all that Yoga is demonic! Yes! Yes!! And the more powerful and devoted they are, the more ignorant and judgmental we’ll deceive them into becoming!!

Demon 1 – Oh Man!! We’re geniuses!! This is so perfect! He dies on the cross to save humanity, but we will create a war of all against all.  There will be no tolerance.  There will be no togetherness!! There will be no harmony! Just confusion, fear, and manipulation!!

Demon 2 – Oh, bro!! We’ve really arrived at something, let’s get these ideas to master.

Demon 1 – Yes, let’s do!!!

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