Why I voted for Hillary Clinton

By: Woodrow Lucas

When Barack Obama ran for president in 2008, he had such momentum and purpose that it seemed like he had a mandate direct from the almighty to take the helm of leadership for our country.  But this election, it seems that such a mandate is not clear for either candidate and that both candidates suffer from a lack of public trust and confidence.

But as much as I believe that Barack Obama is a better leader than Hillary Clinton, I do believe that Ms. Clinton definitely has a clear mandate from God to be the next leader of our Nation.  But even if I did not believe that Hillary had a mandate from God to be the first female President of the United States, I would have voted for her anyway.  Because in reality, I believe that in a sense she is the only person running for office.

When Obama ran against McCain in 2008, I may have preferred Obama, but I had the sensation that two formidable statesmen were running against each other.  In this election, I feel as though the Machiavellian circus that surrounds Donald Trump just cannot be legitimately considered a political campaign.  Trumps journey to the Presidency smacks more of the reality TV which made him famous than a true and sincere desire to enter into the political arena.

Similarly, Trump’s supporters seem also to be more like caricatures of hateful ignorance, that hate others so much that they are willing to vote against their own economic, social, and political well being.  Trumps supporters in my opinion are as surreal as Trump.  One, a man with very little conviction, supported by those who want a reactionary revolution in America back to the good old days of Jim Crow and unequal wages between men and women.  Trump’s supporters are afraid of the future, and so they embrace the past.  At least the past they imagine, for the past of reality, is not something that I think any of us want to revisit.  The generations when a flu could easily kill you.  The generations when you could lose two sons who didn’t want to fight, to a  war they didn’t believe in.  The generations when Jews were systematically exterminated in the name of pathological nationalism.  The generations when my grandparents had to ride in the back of the buses of Smithfield Virginia and sit in the back of movie theaters there as well.  No, I don’t think that anyone really wants to go to the past to which the zealous fundamentalists and rich reactionary supporters of Trump suggest we return.  But a past of imagination, a past that really never existed, and only exists in the minds of the uneducated, this is the past that an angry mob can embrace.  And it is truly an angry mob that supports Donald Trump.

So you see, although I believe that God truly has chosen Hillary Clinton to be the first female president of the United States of America.  I voted for her as much out of a sensation that she was the only real person running for the office as I did for any other reason.  Namaste and God Bless!! Woody Lucas!!

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