The Queen of Heaven

By: Woodrow Odom Lucas

I know a woman whose radiance created the cosmos.

She is beauty beyond measure and her beauty resies in all of the sons and daughters of Adam.

There was a time when the weight of life so gripped me that I poured a glass of dishwashing detergent, and pondered on the world beyond,

And as I pondered she came to me and I felt chills run up my spine and she whispered, “Not yet my son, for you have more to see, not yet my son for you have more to be,”

And I grabbed her and said, “Holy Spirit, Queen of Heaven, show me the secrets of love”

And she showed me alcoholic mothers, craving the touch of men who would forsake them, because the pain within is so tormenting,

And she showed me war torn survivors of war, afraid of their own shadow.

And she showed me prophets and prophetesses locked up in straight jackets, hearing the accusations of an enemy who seeks to destroy us all.

And then she showed me young Muslim children holding to their parents tight laughing and chanting Asalamalakim Alaikum Salam.

And then she showed me an old church saint feeding kittens on her doorstep

And then she said, “You are one of them”

“Life is a grand mystery, but love is eternal and love is greater than life”

“I am greater than life, and soon there will be no flesh who does not know my comfort”

“For I am the queen of heaven and I am great and mighty,”

“Able to grab souls who spent their lives in greed and violence from the clutches of the enemy,”

“So that I may heal their wounded souls,

“And I will heal your soul my son,”

“For there is no soul that is not worthy of my magnificent embrace.

”For you are all made in the image of God and that imagewill not fail you!”

And then with tears in my eyes I said, “Holy Spirit, great queen who has comforted me since birth,”

“Come into me afresh and transform me into what you will for me to be!”

And in that moment, I became a Son of God.

I know a woman, who goes by many names,

But I call her the Holy Spirit,

And I will love her until the day I die and beyond!!

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