Jesus is my God

By: Woodrow Odom Lucas

Jesus is my God and Jesus is Love,

He is the answer to all riddles, he is all our problems solved.

And not hell itself will ever shake my resolve.

To fight to the death and after that,

For this name of love abounding,

For this music resounding,

I will fight with all I am for his love to spread to all,

For he died in absolute misery so that none would fall,

He saved my soul from torment and taught me how to fight,

So that I could be a mighty soldier,

A soldier for the light,

Jesus is my God and Jesus is love,

And love is my obsession, love is my quest,

And until all know love, I will not rest,

For I have been tested by the fire and came out alive,

And soon we all shall rise,

For a mighty warrior came and died yes it was some time ago.

But his beauty and his spirit continues to flow,

For when he rose from the depths of torment,

He became a mystery,

He became love incarnate and joy for you and me,

And soon he shall redeem all things, you’ll see,

Until then it is the lamb of God for whom I fight, with love in flight,

Until it is for the lamb of God that I wave my swords of light,

Just open up your heart and ask for his love to come in,

And you’ll see that because he won,

We all win!!!

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