Birds of Flight

By: Woodrow Lucas

Wounded soul, I see you, I tell you you’re in the light,

As you writhe in unknown torment and live in fright of the night,

I see you feeling lost and discarded, as though no one sheds a tear,

As they see you suffering cold in the street, year after year,

But I tell you wounded bird, afraid in day and night,

God knows your name, God knows your pain, and God says you’re a bird of flight,

For your wounds are a type of training so that soon all the world will see,

The glory of you rising, rising like an eagle across the sea,

Wounded soul, I see you, as you feel the deafening pain,

Of the lamb of God who loved us all enough to be slain,

I know right now you feel insane,

I know right now you feel the rain,

But soon the sun will shine in your life,

And you will be free from the strife within,

And all will marvel at your glory, the glory that shines in great men,

Very soon now blessed bird,

You are about to take flight,

And you will be a master soul, like an angel in the night,

Take heart my wounded sister,

For soon your fright shall end,

And you will know God’s glory, the glory that shines in men,

And you will be a beacon, a beacon of God’s might,

For you dear one are chosen, you are a bird of flight,

And soon you will soar with the eagles, high flying with the clouds in the sky,

Soon my wounded sister, the light God’s been building in you will rise,

And none shall be able to question the brilliance of your light,

For you chosen few who suffer, you are God’s birds of flight,

So hold onto to the Son with all you have despite cold rainy nights,

For soon your light will shine like the stars and none will question with words of spite,

For they will know beyond a doubt, that God’s been with you from the start,

And that God chose you from the womb because of the beauty of your heart,

So fear not dear wounded sister for soon your wounds will heal,

And you will show the world around, that God’s love is really real,

For your compassion shall heal the masses from their ignorance and fright,

Fear not the night great soldier for you are a bird of flight,

And soon dear brother the pain you feel will be a distant memory,

And you will see the rising tide of children in joy and glee,

And you will know that you played a part in God’s great plan for all,

That allowed you to suffer so that you could help others that fall,

So fear not dear sister for soon your time shall come,

And all will see your glory, the glory of a rising Son,

And you will shed tears of healing,

And you will shed tears of might,

For your tears will be a river that baptizes souls in the night,

And you will know God’s fury, the fury of her love,

For any wounded child, for any wounded dove,

Right now your wings are wounded and you find it hard to fly,

But soon you shall be a beacon of hope, of hope for those who want to die,

And all the world will praise you, just like they praise the risen Son,

And you shall be a part of God’s plan to make his children one,

You shall rise like the sun,

You shall fight and you shall run, this race like a great inferno,

You shall fly and you shall rage,

Like a burning sage for this age,

Burning for the souls that feel,

The pain of this world’s rejection and of hatred’s foreign zeal,

Wounded dove of love fear not dear soul,

For your wounded for a reason,

And when your whole like the phases of the moon you’ll birth on earth a new season,

A season of reason,

A season of light,

A season of victory over the fright,

That currently haunts you day and night,

Fear not wounded dove of love, soon all shall see your light,

For you have suffered for a reason, as a chosen bird of flight,

And soon you shall fly with the clouds above,

And all shall marvel greatly at the glory of your love,

But for now just know that your season of torment is coming to an end,

And soon you’ll show the world that All God’s children win,

But until then, hope on forward against the terror of the night,

For you wounded dove of God’s great love, you are a bird of flight!!

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