Oh Death Where Is Thy Sting!!

By: Woodrow Lucas

Bob and Charlotte were warriors for Christ like few people have warred for Christ.  As a couple they had created over a thousand praise and worship songs and preached over ten thousand sermons.  But on Friday night, Bob and Charlotte were in a hospital room, and Charlotte was moving on to the great beyond!!  And to celebrate her impending home going, Charlotte, Bob, and their family were singing some praise and worship songs.


Well there were five Muslim brothers and sisters who were on their way to visit an uncle in the hospital who passed by their room and inquired, “What are you singing?” To which Bob and Charlotte responded, “We are singing songs to our savior.”  And the five brothers and sisters responded, “Oh we love your savior, he is the messiah who is to come to set things right at the end of all things!!”  And Bob and Charlotte said, “Well why don’t you come and sing with us.”  So the five Muslim Children gathered around Charlotte’s bed and began to sing to southern songs for which Bob and Charlotte were well known.


And one of the Muslim children said to Charlotte, “It is obvious to me ma’am that you walk with the power of Allah.  Will you pray for me.”  So Charlotte, although she was tired and weak, said, “Of course I will.”  For Charlotte hardly ever turned down a request for her to pray for someone, even on her death bead.  So she decided to start her prayer in tongues but what came out was strange Arabic that she couldn’t stop speaking.  She said:


Assalamualaikum my children and Aalaykumuassalum, I am your Messiah,

I lead your Imams,

I watch over your children,

And I help them to see,

The love and power abounding, the soundness of mind that is me,

I am the King of Kings and Lord of Lords,

I am the weak and strong force in your molecules,

I am the Father’s sword,

I am the word of God incarnate and I speak so you can see,

The abounding love and mercy that is me,

I was born God incarnate but an infant in my mind,

I was born God incarnate, but with satan in my flesh,

And though I lived a life of torment and stress,

I spread joy and life everywhere I went and conquered death,

Because of me you can rest easy,

If you lose your boys or girls,

For I led captivity captive and gave gifts unto men,

For I conquered satan in my flesh and erased the power of sin,

For I fulfilled the law completely so that you and yours can know,

Your free to go an grow in mercy and not in letter’s fear,

I went to hell and preached the gospel so that all could soon rejoice,

That no one writhes in eternal torment even with the light of choice,

For on the cross I changed your secret will for all ages to come,

Your choices bad and good will lead to life when all is said and done,

I am the victor and the victory who has already won,

I am the lamb that was slain, to take away your pain,

And now I declare as your messiah, as earth and heaven sing

I declare aloud through willing vessels, Oh death where is thy sting!!


When the Muslim children were finished listening.  They were beside themselves and kep t ranting to Charlotte “Assalamualaikum peace be unto you great mother, Aalaykumuassalum and peace also be on you great mother.  Peace be unto you great mother. Peace be unto you.  For you tell us of the master that Muhammed said would come.  And because of him it is done.  We need not fear hell.  We need not fear death.  For because he passed his test.  Let earth and heaven ring, oh mighty death, oh mighty death where is thy sting!!”



Charlotte laughed gleefully at the children.  Thinking about the irony of her winning so many coverts to Universal Reconciliation on her death bed.

As Charlotte and Bob and the Muslim Children were laughing and singing.  A Wiccan witch walked into the hospital with an aquaramine crystal on his neck.  As he walked into the hospital, the aquaramine crystal started glowing and leading him in a certain direction.  He followed his crystal to Bob and Charlotte’s room.  And when he entered into the room he saw tongues of fire, earth, air, and water  flowing throughout the room. And he said to himself, “What in the world is this.” And he asked Charlotte and Bob, “I am sorry to intrude but what is going on here?”  And Bob responded, “My wife Charlotte is dying and we are celebrating her home going, by singing songs to Jesus.”

The wiccan man quickly responded, “No disrespect, but I am a witch who believes in the power of fire and earth, I have do not believe in Saviors.”  And Charlotte Laughed and said.  Mr. Wiccan Witch, what is your name.  The man said, “Temerity. My name is Temerity.” And Charlotte said to the man, come here Temerity and stare into my eyes and tell me what you see.

And Temerity looked into her eyes and fell into a trance.  And began to talk without knowing.  He said:

I see a man on a cross in excruciating agony.  And I see what he is seeing in his mind’s eye.  He sees me many years from now with my coven mates.  I am dead and they are about to give me back to the earth.  And there are angels surrounding us, waiting to take me somewhere good. I can see a Hindu girl surrounded by priests and family members about to be cremated.  And as she is about to be set aflame, I see angels all around her about to take her soul somewhere good.  I see a Buddhist man surrounded by Buddhist monks and family about to be set aflame.  And again I see angels all around them about to take the man’s soul somewhere good.  And now I see a huge planet that looks like earth, but larger.  And I see a multitude of peoples, seems like all the people that have ever been.  Kneeling down before a light in the sky so bright that it eclipsed the Sun.  And I see all the people in unison, say, ‘Oh great Lamb of God Jesus of Nazareth, we confess with Joy that you are the Lord of All.’ And then I saw the man on the cross say, ‘IT IS FINISHED!!’

And then Temerity came out of his trance with tears in his eyes and said, “Charlotte there is no tradeoff between Jesus and the earth, I can believe in both!”  And Charlotte knew very little about the Wiccan religion so she just nodded with a big smile on her face.  And then she looked over to Bob and motioned him closer and said, “Honey, it’s about time, I am about to see Jesus in the flesh!!”  And Bob’s eyes welled up with tears.  And he began to shout:

I know little of religion and know even less about civics,

But I have preached a man who saved all for most of my life,

I have preached through strife to folks who don’t want to hear it,

I have preached to people who instead of embrace love would rather fear it,

But I have preached, And I have preached.

And sometimes I have wondered what’s the point,

Maybe I would have been better off playing banjo and smoking joints,

But now I see something, I see it clear,

That I have never seen before,

That what I preached is living hope in what waits in store,

For all who walk in human flesh,

When they reach their appointed death,

I have preached a gospel that says to death outright,

You are nothing to fear, you are nothing to fight,

You’re just a passage to a Savior who loves with all his self,

You’re just a merciful ending for those to whom bad hands have been dealt,

You’re just a servant dear friend death, nothing to fear at all,

Because of the sacrifice that Jesus made for us all.

And so Earth and Heaven get right loud, make noise and hear angels sing,

And so all hail the merciful lamb of God, the merciful King,

For because of him, I can now say, Oh Death Where Is Thy Sting!!!


And when Bob was done shouting. Charlotte gave up the ghost with his hand in hers.  And he smiled down upon her and kissed her lips for the last time.  And then after the Doctor declared her dead. Bob sighed a sigh of acceptance, sorrow, and hope.  And then he took his family, those Muslim Children, and the Wiccan Witch out to dinner at an all you can eat buffet.  Because Bob and Charlotte absolutely loved all you can eat buffets!!

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