Dance, Dance, Dance

By :Woodrow Lucas

Right now there is a woman in Ecuador,

Flying high on Iowaska,

Dancing to the rhythm of the creation,

She dances the dance of the flamingo,

She dances Salsa,

She dances the Merengue,

She dances the electric slide,

She flows in an and out of joyful reckoning,

She feels the flow of Floridians sitting out on the beach drinking Maitais,

She dances the groove of babies being born to couples deeply in love,

She dances like doves flying in approval in triplicate,

She dances encouragement and affirmation flowing from mouths to ears to hearts,

She dances like Pentacostals in revival,


Have you ever met that someone that makes you smile no matter what?

Have you ever transcended in your heart to a place where every day’s a good day, come what may?

Then Dance!!

Dance to the doors singing “Peace Frog,”

Dance to kids playing kickball and everyone getting picked for teams,

Dance like you scored the winning goal in a World Cup soccer game.

Dance like fame means nothing and riches even less,

But you’re not stressed ’cause you know God’s got every test in hand and every day’s another band playing your favorite Stevie Wonder Song,

Dance like music matters cause it does,

Dance like you are loved, because you are,

Dance like near or far, you’re a star,

Shining for all the creation to praise,

Dance like it’s Friday and you just got paid,

Dance like you just won the Lottery and gave it all away,

Dance like your future is bright, cause it is,

Dane like you’re a kid, cause you are,

Dance like near or far, come what may,

Every day is a gift from the sun and stars to you,

Dance like there is no tomorrow, just one endless day of joy,

Dance like you’re a kid on Christmas and the tree is filled with toys,

Dance like you got skills like MC Hammer,

Get on the floor and spin around like you’re a kid from the Bronx,

Dance like everyone’s a friend, cause they are,

Dance like every loss is a win in somebody’s mind,

Dance like you’ve got endless time to celebrate, cause you do!

Dance like you’re gonna live forever, cause you will,

Dance like war is no more and everybody’s chill,

Dance like you are one with the ocean in its strength,

Dance like you are precious, cause you are,

Dance like you’re a star!!

Man Dance!! Cause life’s a gift but it’s too short to stay cooped up in a malaise,

Dance, dance, dance like it’s an all life party,

Cause at the end of the day, in a 1000 years all you’ll remember is the joy God gave you while you were here,

Dance like you have no fear,

Dance, Dance, Dance and when you’re done look back on those Michael Jackson moves that you just busted, and rejoice!!

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