By: Woodrow Lucas

Sometimes I feel lost,

But sometimes I can see life glowing from the trees,

As they sway to and fro, blowing with the breeze,

Sometimes I am faint hearted and dreading the coming day,

But sometimes I am fearless, on fire come what may,

Sometimes I have felt torment making me wish I had never been born,

But sometimes I think about my daughters in beauty adorned,

And know that hard times come true they do, it’s true,

But things get better, yes things get better too!!

Sometimes I am tired and wish for endless sleep,

But sometimes I have hope in joy and harvests reaped,

Sometimes I doubt and wonder if God is really real,

But sometimes my faith is so strong that I have seen my hands heal,

Life is bittersweet it’s true there is no question about that,

But life is ever so beautiful and that’s a fact,

And sometimes we see the vision that God has for our lives,

And it comforts us from times of bitterness and strife,

And in the end, we look back from on high in heaven’s perch,

And we say to God, Lord thank you for my blessed time on earth,

And we ask to give a helping hand to those still in the fight,

And in that moment we become angels taking flight,

And in that moment we realize that it all works toward love,

And love is our answer, our blessed gift from above,

Sometimes I feel lost,

But sometimes I can see life glowing from the trees,

As they sway to and fro blowing in the breeze,

And sometimes I am so full of love that I feel God in every soul I see,

And I really think it’s these times that I’m the true me,

For I am beautifully and wonderfully made in God’s sight,

I am an angel of light about to take flight,

And I say to you dear brother, look inside and see what’s true,

And I’m sure you’ll know beyond any shadow that you’re an angel too!!

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