Butterfly, Butterfly

By: Woodrow Lucas

Butterfly, butterfly in your cocoon,

Do you know what awaits you, not long now but soon,

Butterfly, butterfly shrouded in dark,

No light to send you singing and ringing like a lark,

No light to send you praising with shouts and loud noise,

To the God who made your beauty and the angels that maintain your poise,

Butterfly, butterfly feeling ugly and alone,

Do you know that very soon you’ll be singing a different tone?,

Butterfly, butterfly feeling trapped and ugly,

Are you aware of the beauty you will soon be?

Butterfly, butterfly I know you can’t know,

But trust me you can’t imagine the heights you will go,

Just wait on the Lord and let your wings get strong,

And you will see for yourself that I’m not wrong,

Butterfly, butterfly I know it’s hard now,

But pretty soon I’m gonna hear you say “Hallelujah! Wow!”

“For this was the purpose of that dark time I knew!”

“And now I fly with the whirlwind, just like you Jesus, Just like you!!”

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