The Sound of Music

By: Woodrow Lucas

Doing is knowing,

The sound of music permeates my being,

My flesh longs to dance with the Ravens that speak of freedom,

Maya spoke of the caged bird,

But I say to all birds Fly! to the rhythm of rainbows in sunlit rain,

But I say to all birds Fly! Fly to the strength that comes from your pain,

But I say to all birds Fly! For your beauty transcends that of even the sun,

But I say to all birds Fly! For all battles you fight are already won,

You are wondrous , you are better than sliced bread on Sunday morning with butter after a night spent making love to someone you love,

You are the sound of children singing “this little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine,”

You are the sound of music,

You are the family Vontrap,

And the Nazis can’t reach you as you sing, dance, and laugh,

Consider Stevie Wonder as he sees through eyes of crescendo and melody,

You are life abundant and life abundant awaits you,

Here the sound of music in your very veins,

Here God singing you a new song,

Of revolution, revival, renaissance, and rebirth,

Here God telling you that you are special on this earth,

Sing, dance, to the rhythm of wind chimes that caress you on Mountain tops of weekend ski trips,

It’s all yours,

For all who are thirsty, a holy moment of miraculous too good to be true reckoning awaits you,

Here the sound of your own beautiful breath as you cry tears of joyful appreciation,

Here the thunder scream your praises,

For you are whole and you will be whole,

For you are free and you will be free,

For you are loved and you will be loved,

Shining among the other gleaming notes in God’s glorious symphony,

Rejoice, for you are the sound of gifted guitarists strumming beatles songs in perfect peace,

You are the balance that calls forth the moon at night,

You are the mystery that causes the stars to shine,

You are the spirit that speaks to the creation and causes squirrels to dance with fervor,

And Jesus has you forever,

In the mystery of your glorious story,

Rejoice for you are baptized into the symphony of Beethoven’s  Ode to Joy,

And you will live forever!!

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