The Sound of Fury

By: Woodrow Lucas

There is a sound of fury rising throughout the land,

A sound of fury rising for how man is treating man,

A sound of fury about hidden histories that some cannot face,

Of mass genocides and exploitations based on race,

The masses have had a taste of freedom,

And they like the savor of equal wages and a hope that if they fall,

There is a way to survive and thrive for us all,

There is a sound of fury rising throughout the earth,

That some are condemned to jails based on their birth,

That Gay folks cannot marry,

And poor folks cannot eat,

While the privileged right and white sit replete with righteous gates around the streets,

Their ancestors stole from natives and forced black men to build,

There is a sound of fury rising all around,

About disabled folks being cut from Medicare and being left to writhe,

In pain, regret, and shame throughout their lives,

There is a sound of fury spreading all about,

The sound of numbness in the souls of those who worship books,

And condemn the lost to everlasting torment with no chance of reprieve,

The same voice that believes in a God without mercy,

Is that voice of Neo Nazis that hate Jews they cannot see,

The same voice that condemns all who have not confessed,

Is the same voice that ignores the cries of homeless women in their stress,

It is the voice of hatred, it is the sound of rage,

Of the enemy of all who seeks to destroy our age,

But a sound of fury is rising and its creator is the lamb,

Who was slain so that every child could know they can,

Live a life of beautiful mercy replete too with grace,

A life of freedom irrespective of creed, gender, or race,

There is a sound of fury and the lion leads these slaves,

To an exodus of liberation where no man bears the yolk,

And there is no fear of rejection for among us queer as folk,

Listen careful and you’ll hear the sound of fury of our King,

Who said I died for all, and it is all who I will bring,

To a place of comfort, peace, and abundance everflowing,

Listen to the sound of Universal knowing,

For a sound of fury is rising and none will escape its truth,

For too many have died on crosses and with their necks in a noose,

And their blood cries out to the heavens and the heavens answer with this gift,

The sound of fury rising all around us that none can dismiss,

This sound of fury that will transform the planet into a place where all can see,

How much our God loves us for all eternity.

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