The Flame

By: Woodrow Lucas

When we are born as wee babes from the womb,

There is something within us that hums us a tune,

It knows us by name,

It knows our hopes,

It knows our tears,

It knows our fears,

And it burns within, Divine for all time,

When we are born as children healthy or lame,

There is a flame that burns to hear our name,

Called outside by our friends to play,

Called in by our parents at the end of the day,

From the time we are too young to hate,

There is a flame that burns within us great,

And as we live there’s an evil wind that blows,

It tries to extinguish our flame and the love from it that flows,

With rejection and sorrow, pain and regret,

This evil wind tries to make us forget,

Of our childlike faith in our eternal flame,

And convinces us that life has winners and losers, and that losers deserve shame,

And sometimes in our lives it seems our flame has gone,

Like we have lost our passion for the things we once loved,

And life is a trial with a bitter end,

A bitter end for the uniqueness within,

From the time we are born, too young to hate,

There is a flame that burns within us and it yearns to make us Great,

It gives us dreams, it gives us hope,

It gives us love with which to cope,

When things go wrong or people die,

It helps us cry, it helps us sigh,

It guides and it arouses an eternal muse within,

For us to praise creator and creation for their beauty all in one,

This flame burns brighter than any super sun,

This flame loves us like no other soul can,

For this flame is not a mortal man,

This flame is Jesus the risen Lord,

Much more than he is depicted in books,

This flame asks nothing of us, but that we try our best to love,

And to show ourselves mercy when time to time we fall short,

This flame needs not allegiance, for our joy is enough for him,

This flame asks us to love ourselves and the God that made us real,

This flame asks us to love our brothers and sisters like they are real too,

This flame loves me, this flame loves you,

This flame asks us not to be the same or act the same or feel the same, or think the same,

This flame rather asks us to burn brightly in the beauty of our name,

Sometimes shame grips us and we feel lost and cold,

But that flame is still within us waiting for the time,

We remember how much he loves us and wants us to shine,

And you can believe in Buddha, or you can believe in the stars,

This flame cheers you on from within as you learn things near and far,

And though life can be scary and the fear makes us wish we were never born,

The flame whispers to us gently,

Fear not little child for I suffer with you now,

And soon these sufferings will pass like the evil wind that would destroy your joy,

For there is a greater wind blowing, my wife for all time,

She is the Holy Spirit that flames my embers within you,

And she will show you comfort,

Some souls are born Baptist,

Some souls are born Jews,

Some souls are born Hindu,

Some souls are born Pagan,

Some souls believe in Science,

Some souls believe in strife,

But there is a flame burning in us all,

And sometimes we feel forsaken,

And sometimes we feel lost,

But the flame never leaves us,

The flame never forsakes us,

And he waits until we awake to a rhythm Divine,

That love reigns supreme for now and all time,

And this flame burns forever in every soul that ever was,

This flame burns forever in every soul that ever will be,

And this flame guides us for all eternity, for Jesus was once a man,

And he knows that bitter wind that causes shame and strife,

And so when he conquered evil once and for all he became a flame that burns in every soul that ever was or would be,

He became a flame so that he could guide you and me to a blessed destiny,

And he’ll get us there I know it,

For day after day he tells me so,

Some confess his name and he blesses them.

Some confess other names and he blesses them.

Some shun God and he blesses them.

For he is a flame who knows what it’s like to be in flesh and so he says to us, “I’ve got you don’t stress.”

This flame loves unconditionally every one of us by name.

There is a flame that burns in us great,

And as we live there’s an evil wind that blows and tries to extinguish our flame and the love that from it flows,

But there is a greater wind that turns our gaze to the sky and says “He is Risen!”

For this flame has a body that reminds him of what it’s like to fight for love and feel like you’re losing trapped in fright,

And so this flame knows all the roads that lead to the narrow road of life,

And in his own way for each of us, he helps us win the fight,

The flame can’t lose, for he already won so long ago,

And now he asks us to laugh out loud for our laughter is  our faith,

That our eternal flame, Jesus of Nazareth, has saved the human race!!

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