A Prayer for Jubilee this All Hallows Eve

By: Woodrow Lucas

God, the children are dressed as wizards and their parents as witches,

A spirit of lighthearted harmony marks our steps as we walk,

And sinister ghouls and goblins are the subject of jovial talk,

And that is a beauty that I wouldn’t trade,

My daughter trick or treating with the other kids her age,

But God you and I know what day this really is,

It is the eve of all saints day or All Hallows Eve,

The night before we celebrate the saints that have gone before,

The night before we celebrate the joy that’s in store,

When we are reunited with loved ones in the great mystery,

And we feel the comfort of being known and knowing as we see,

The saints of old from ages past embrace us with a kiss,

And we repast, in everlast of things from life we’ll never miss,

Today is the Eve of All Saints Day when we celebrate in awe,

Elijah and Elisha, Yogananda, and the Apostle Paul,

And so dear Lord I pray this prayer on this ever so sacred eve,

For the many suffering souls around me who are craving a reprieve,

A reprieve from misery relentless on this All Hallows Eve,

God so many people around me are hurting and wish for death,

And their lives are so miserable they can scarcely tell,

That there is no such as eternal hell,

And most of these people to me at least do not deserve what they feel,

And people keep treating them so badly it is impossible for them to heal,

God bye and large these people owe no more debts than the rest of us,

But God I ask that you give them Jubilee tonight to restore their trust,

For God, they have been through so much,

Give them Jubilee so they can once again receive this life’s touch,

Give them Jubilee tonight so tomorrow they know they’re set free,

Give them Jubilee tonight so tomorrow they can embrace the great mystery,

That you always suffer with us, so we never suffer alone,

And suffering is never eternal but only lasts a season,

God give them Jubilee tonight so tomorrow they have a reason,

To embrace this life with fullness of hope and everlasting zeal,

Though many of them are closer to you than me, tonight I ask that you show them you’re real,

In a way that they will never forget the truth that you’ve shown me,

That you will redeem all creation over the course of eternity.

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