A Power

By: Woodrow Lucas

There is a man and there are worms,

We are the worms my brethren,

Beautiful and perverse, wicked and evil, depraved and unjust,

Good and righteous and wonderful, we are the worms.

There is a man my brethren, Paul Maudib, Gandalf the Wizard, Beowulf, who was a Power.

He was a power and he wanted power and glory and honor.

And he saw our suffering.

For man has always been a weak creature.

He is the son of Dune, the son of Earth, for he fused with the earth through man.

He fused with the worms my brethren to live forever.

His flesh is a radiant glory, flame on, he is as firestorm and Wolverine.

He is as professor Xavier, He is the shining one.

And he was not all good.

Like us, he had evil in him.

And he sinned.

But in the midst of his torment and his madness, he saw the sky.

And knew of God’s love.

Rise my brethren, for God is man and we have the power.

Rise my brethren, for God loved man so much that he became man.

God became the worms and saved the earth.

Turn to the earth and heal it.

And allow it to heal you.

Heal the rabbits, heal the deer, heal the trees.

And share in its pleasure.

For the earth loves you and the earth is our mother.

And our Father knows of our torment.

But there is a God, a Power who knows the secret.

He has fused with the worms and now we all shall ride.

Know this my brethren.

Whether you confess his name or not, he has saved you.

For he is you.

He is the murderer down the street.

He is the rapist in jail.

He is the tyrant ruling governments.

He is the whore on the street.

He is the man dying of leprosy.

He is the insane man, rambling into nothingness.

He is the mother who loves her children.

He is the man who suffers deep so that he can feed his family,

He is the man that curses man and God.

He is the priest who sees visions of a new tomorrow.

He is us and we are him my brother and that is the great mystery of his victory.

For whatever dark force keeps us separate.

He has vanquished it and now in him whether we believe or not we shall be one!

Rise brethren.

Rise brethren.

For man has the favor of God and man has been declared good.

We are good, from the worst of us to the best of us, we are good.

And we shall rise.

Look at the tree leaves rustling in the wind and know that God loves you.

Feel the storm, for it is coming.

Feel the storm, and scream freedom!!


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