We Are One

By: Woodrow Lucas

My sister,  my mother, my brother,

I have seen the face of darkness,

My sister, my mother, my brother,

I have felt the sting of dark isolation in my flesh, and I have felt the pain of rejection in my consciousness,

And as Jesus revives me from that nightmare,

I can tell you one thing for sure,

We are one,

We are one species,

We are one ecosystem,

We are one planet,

We are one solar system,

We are one galaxy,

We are one cosmos,

We are one spirit,

We are one soul,

And we are one being!!!

But we are not one in sameness,

No we are all unique snowflake frequencies in God’s rainbow,

We are all integral notes in God’s symphony of unconditional love,

Jesus showed that he is one with the  misery of our deluded duality by dying on the cross,

And in rising from violence he revealed our common destiny of endless communion as one common heartbeat,

We are not separate and never have been,

The illusion of dark enmity is giving way to the light of eternal unity,

For the age of Aquarius is upon us,

And bliss awaits us all!!


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