The Heart of God

By: Woodrow Lucas

Sometimes it seems like God doesn’t care,

We pray and pray and nothing happens,

The pain and sorrow get worse and worse and we wonder?

Does God have any concern at all for me?

But see, God’s timing is a wondrous and complex thing,

And if we could see her heart,

We would see the Holy Spirit moving heaven and earth to prepare a joyful rest that we can’t forget,

A joyful rest that sits in our consciousness and reverberates joy through our being in an endless, eternal reckoning,

You see it is the will of the Holy Spirit as she works through Hindus, Jews, Muslims, New Agers, Christians, atheists, and agnostics to not lose one soul to despair.

An in the short run this sometimes seems like a quixotic daydream with no merit,

But in the long run the Holy Ghost always gets her way.  The Queen of Heaven will not be denied,

Your soul will know peace whether it be in this lifetime or the next,

It will happen,

For Jesus’ love is truly invincible,

And even Satan will one day succumb to it,

God’s heart is to reach you and convince you of how much he loves by all means necessary.

And trust me, what God wants, God eventually gets, and that’s a fact.

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