Dear Lucifer

Dear Lucifer,

There was a time when I hated you. There was a time when rage afflicted me as you confused me and my brethren into judging and maligning each other.

Dear Lucifer,

There was a time when I focused all of my malice against you.  For every time I thought of an entire race of people enslaving another entire race of people and calling it your will I saw you in the shadows laughing and mocking.

Dear Lucifer,

There was a time when I wanted to be the one that vanquished you in this generation, for when I thought about a nation stealing the land of other nations and calling it manifest destiny, I saw the imprint of your wicked hands.

But now dear brother, I must admit that I more pity than hate you.  You have exhausted me.  You have been such a little nuisance that now I just don’t have any feeling left for you.  And Lucifer, Beezelbub, Whore of Babylon, Lilleth and whoever else has been attempting to torment me and mine, I forgive you.  I do not think that I have the authority to forgive you on behalf of other people.  But for my part, I truly cancel the debt that you owe to me for all of your misery making.

The truth is Lucifer that I am now truly beginning to realize just how badly Jesus beat you 2000 years ago.  I mean you want to talk about a “Warrior King,” Jesus battled you as you attacked him from the outside through the rejection of the people he came to save and Jesus battled you as you attacked him from within through the nature of the corruption that he received from Mary’s flesh.  Jesus battled you his entire life and then he battled you again to make it to the cross, and then he battled you again on the cross.  And then he descended and battled you again in hellish places of conscious and natural torment.

And now dear brother, I am becoming aware of just how final his victory over you has become.  You see Lucifer, every human soul is destined to become either a Son or Daughter of God.  And while I do not understand it fully, somehow Jesus assured those destinies through his life, sacrifice, death, and resurrection.  And those destinies are locked into the annals of God’s foreknowledge brother.   Yes, for a time, we as human beings play roles of tyrant and victim, betrayer and betrayed, but soon these ideas and identities will fade away beneath the glory of Jesus’ second coming both in the flesh and through all human identity being wrapped up in the mysterious epiphany of love’s all-encompassing power.

Lucifer, Satan, whatever and whoever you are.  However many there are of you.  I am writing you this day to say that I forgive you.  Perhaps not out of love, but more a sort of indifferent pity,  for you will lose as you have already lost.   Perhaps your final destiny is redemption, perhaps it is destruction, but either way dear brother, I do not want you occupying any space in mind more than what is absolutely necessary.  Oh, every now and again, I can see myself listening to the Holy Spirit concerning some wicked scheme that you have plotted against me, or every now and again casting you out of something or binding some principality, or helping someone who you have targeted with malevolent intent, but for the most part brother, I view you as a nuisance and I just don’t want to think about you anymore.

So I forgive you and I forgive all human beings who still in their ignorance serve you both unwittingly and voluntarily.  In truth devil, I have lost interest in you.  A time ago you were an interesting object for my mind and heart, even if it was hatred that I felt for you.  But now, you are so predictably pathetic that I just want to let go of our relationship and so I forgive you.  Again I say that I forgive you and am moved to pray, “Lord God, thank you for the teacher that satan, Lucifer, and the rest of them have been for me.  Thank you for every bit of suffering they have caused me, for in the long run it will only make me stronger.  Now I ask that you saturate my consciousness with yourself.  Lord God I ask that you reveal yourself to me in every dimension and cranny of the human experience.  Lord God, please bless me, like the Navaho Warriors Pray with “beauty before me, with beauty behind me, with beauty above me, with beauty all around me, I will walk in long life, I will walk according to beauty.  It is completed in beauty.  It is completed in beauty. It is completed in beauty. It is completed in beauty.”

Lucifer, I and all of my human brothers and sisters are completed in beauty.  And your madness in believing anything different will soon end either in your redemption or destruction.  I am not partial to either.  Go with God dear brother.  Go with God.

2 thoughts on “Dear Lucifer

  1. Woody, this is profound! What victory is found in overcoming hatred. You said it in “A Book of Rhythm” …” love conquers all.”

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