Affirmations and Beliefs

This website affirms the following:

1.  There exists God who is a profound mystery but whose most prominent attribute is love.

2.  There exists Jesus Christ who with God created all things and who is the oldest being in existence.

4.  Jesus Christ was born of a woman and lived a human life on the earth in which he learned obedience through the the things that he suffered.

5.  Jesus Christ died on the cross under Pontius Pilate and rose from the dead in three days.

6.  All human beings that have ever existed on the earth, exist right now on the earth, and ever will exist on the earth share the same sublime destiny of reconciliation to God and of reaching full maturation in God.

7. There exists a Holy Spirit who is the spirit of life and love that guides human beings who are open to following it. This Holy Spirit empowers humanity, disseminates gifts and talents and creates wholeness and wellness.  This Holy Spirit operates in many of the world’s religions and it testifies concerning the attitude and actions commiserate with love and of the need of all humanity for Jesus.

8. Although many individuals from all cultures and walks of life have communed with God and even done miracles with the help of the Holy Spirit and through their own inner divinity, Jesus is the ultimate way, truth, and life in the sense that he is the ultimate Messiah.  So if there be many messiahs from around the world who have all embraced Christ Consciousness and mastered their souls, Jesus is the ultimate Messiah who in some way or fashion guides them all.  ..

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